Social Media Utilization

Understand social media and develop strategies to integrate it into your recruitment and communication plan.

Content knowledge requirements: Knowledge and understanding of the ever-emerging variety of social media platforms and how social media differs from traditional media outlets.

Skill requirements: Strong skills in communication, data analysis, improvisation, visual thinking, and creativity.

Ethical requirements: Conduct aligned to the established AACRAO principles of professional ethics and practice in academic and enrollment services.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Understands the general characteristics and differences of social media platforms. Ability to utilize most popular platforms for basic event management, promotion of recruitment activity, and customer service. Presents and explains information in an articulate manner.

Intermediate level: Responsible for day-to-day front line community engagement activities including timely response. Stays current with emerging digital trends and technology. Develops creative design approaches to communicate key points. Provides thought-provoking content through multiple formats, ensuring the content is findable through browser keyword analysis. Baseline knowledge of most effective way to triage questions and collaborate with other campus units on content.

Expert level: Implements effective social media marketing strategy and content management. Possesses a thorough understanding of web analytics and its importance in making data-driven recruitment and marketing decisions. Maintains a strategic vision aligned to admissions efforts and university goals. Effectively coordinates social media efforts with campus partners. Reviews ROI and other metrics/analytics regularly.