Articulation Agreements

Creation and management of articulation agreements with other post secondary institutions and systems. Work closely with faculty and administrators in the development and maintenance of course-to-course inter-institutional and system articulation agreements. Provide technical curriculum information and analysis to facilitate discussion and support descriptions on transferability of courses and transfer student pathways. Enters program information into system and other internal and external, multi-user electronic databases. Prepares program information for internal and external constituencies. 

Content knowledge requirements: Institutional catalog and degree pathways, national best practices on course articulation and degree pathways, knowledge and understanding of the Joint Statement on Transfer Credit, AACRAO Transfer Student Bill of Rights, AACRAO Institutional Bill of Rights & Responsibilities, AACRAO’s Guide to Best Practices: Awarding Transfer and Prior Learning Credit.;  Experience with academic programs, degree and general education requirements, course articulation and degree audit systems.

Skill requirements: Excellent research, critical thinking and analysis skills. Attention to detail and documentation. Ability to exercise judgement and find solutions to complex problems. Strong communication and project management skills; technical facility to work in degree audit. Ability to develop and maintain of effective collaborative working relationships with others.

Ethical requirements: Commitment to consistency, equity and fairness in application of policy and to address innovation and new approaches to serve the best interests of the student; commitment to institutional academic integrity. 

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Ability to communicate process and procedure for developing articulation agreements; maintain database of agreements, input information into an articulation template; communicate about agreements with faculty, staff, parents and other institutions. 

Intermediate level: Ability to work with appropriate faculty, department chairs, deans, and academic departments and other appropriate committees on the campus to facilitate the development of articulation agreements; liaise with other educational institutions for management of agreements and to stay abreast of curricular changes that may impact transfer pathways. Participate in policy assessment.

Expert level: Ability to develop non-traditional agreements; identified gaps and opportunities in curriculum alignment between institutions; identify and establish policy requirements; market agreements and partnerships.