Staffing Leadership

Provide leadership to enrollment personnel and departments to develop skills, strategies, and systems needed to successfully achieve enrollment management goals. Collaborate with institutional leadership to develop and support cross-functional teams to evaluate, plan, review and monitor enrollment information, plans and results.

Content knowledge requirements: Broad understanding of higher education functions and purpose. Knowledge of strategic enrollment management functional areas, staffing requirements, and how these relate to achievement of institutional enrollment management goals. Understanding of personnel management including selection, training, and performance evaluation. Experience in implementation of systems, practices, and policies which enable staff to appropriately contribute towards achievement of institutional enrollment goals.

Skill requirements: Personnel selection, training, and evaluation. Strong interpersonal, coaching, communication skills; ability to develop high functioning teams; and ability to mentor both individuals and teams towards accomplishing institutional goals.

Ethical requirements: Strict adherence to professional standards and ethical statements of associated professional organizations. Observance of employment practices that support human resources professional standards. Specific understanding of the ethical and compliance requirements related to student and employee records. Attention to compliance with institutional policy, and state and federal law and policy.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Understanding individual role in the accomplishment of job goals. Accepting direction from supervisors, learning from training and development, and applying that knowledge to the performance of the position.

Intermediate level: Selecting, training, and leading personnel in the accomplishment of functional area, divisional, and institutional goals. Beginning level understanding of how deployment of staffing and structure of organizational systems contribute towards accomplishment of enrollment management goals. Beginning level understanding of how cross-functional teams are developed and deployed in SEM planning and implementation.

Expert level: Ability to develop staffing structures and roles in support of institutional enrollment goals; develop and support individuals and teams in their contributions to these goals; and create the systems and structures that allow staff to effectively and efficiently contribute towards goals. Developing and maintaining collaborative, team-oriented, institution-wide relationships that support the effective deployment of enrollment management systems.