Vision, Mission, & Goals

Adopted December 2020

This new vision, mission, and goals serve as a guide for the association over the next five years as we strive to better serve our members, the profession, and higher education.


In early 2020 the AACRAO Board of Directors engaged in a new strategic planning process for the Association. The Board engaged AACRAO Consulting to use the SEM planning framework to guide the initial stages of the process.

Consultants helped the Board better understand the framework of Goals, Strategies, and Tactics that would ultimately make up the final plan. Over the summer of 2020, the association conducted an environmental scan that included like organizations, the Board, the membership, and AACRAO office staff. In September 2020, the Board crafted a first draft of goals based on these scans, during a day-long workshop along with draft revisions to the Vision and Mission. Additional feedback opportunities for members and staff resulted in the below goals, adopted in December 2020 by the AACRAO Board of Directors.


As a leading voice in higher education, AACRAO envisions a community centered on learner success driven by professional excellence and leadership in enrollment and academic services.


AACRAO advances and supports a richly diverse, globally interconnected community of higher education professionals as well as the institutions, organizations, and learners they serve through its resources, leadership, and advocacy.


By 2026, AACRAO will

  • Advance the knowledge and understanding of the complex and critical professions engaged in enrollment and academic services, a key component of institutional and learner success.
  • Foster a culture of innovation and scholarship through research that produces best practices for institutional and learner success.
  • Be the premier provider of accessible and credentialed career pathways to demonstrate competencies in the professions engaged in enrollment and academic services.
  • Reimagine engagement and community, through both digital and in-person modalities, for the membership of diverse professionals who have a variety of roles and complex responsibilities.
  • Develop and lead strong advocacy coalitions to benefit the advancement of higher education, higher education policy, and the learners we serve.


Strategies in each goal should demonstrate that the shared values are woven into the fabric of the Association in all its services and activities. The BOD will provide this direction to the AACRAO staff.


  • Collaboration

    AACRAO believes Collaboration among members and with constituents creates a stronger association leading to continuous improvement of our professions.

  • Innovation

    AACRAO values Innovation which improves service and performance in enhanced and unforeseen ways. AACRAO facilitates process, technology, and practice improvements to provide more personalization with added integrity and fidelity.

  • Inclusivity

    AACRAO is committed to Inclusivity where all are valued and heard, and respect is expected and achieved. AACRAO realizes this through creating and sustaining relationships-based on equity, respect, collaboration and community where all have the opportunity to thrive.

  • Inquiry

    AACRAO believes Inquiry is critical to advance our professions and their leaders. AACRAO supports research and scholarship to develop and suggest best practices to its members.

  • Integrity

    AACRAO is committed to Integrity by adhering to the highest standards of honest and ethical behavior. AACRAO fosters an environment of accountability and transparency.

  • Approved by the Board of Directors - October 21, 2020
  • Amended and Approved by the Board of Directors based on membership feedback - December 16, 2020