Speakers Bureau

AACRAO's Speakers Bureau brings together senior-level, independent professionals with long and active careers with subject matter expertise in higher education. Many of our speakers have experience working with AACRAO's Consulting services,  are available virtually or in person, and have broad experience that crosses the full range of institution types, departments, and disciplines, including:

  • Strategic Enrollment Management
  • Comprehensive Learner Record / Learning and Employment Record
  • Holistic/Equity Admissions
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Retention and Student Success
  • Technology Systems
  • Electronic records
  • Leadership and Mentorship
  • International
  • Best practices in the offices of admissions, financial aid, registrar, and transfer articulation.
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Admissions Office Operations

Admissions Yield and Anti-Melt
Badges and Microcredentialing (CLR / LER)
Communications & Marketing
Enrollment Modeling/Projection
Financial Aid Optimization
Holistic Equity Admissions
How to Coach and Mentor New and Emerging Leaders
One-Stop/Students First Center
Persistence, Retention, and Student Success
Serving Adult Learners and other Special Populations
Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Planning
Utilizing Assessment Strategies
to Measure Impact and using Student Services to Support Positive Learner Outcomes and Success


AACRAO is a non-profit, voluntary, professional association of more than 11,000 higher education professionals who represent approximately 2,600 institutions in more than 40 countries. Its mission is to provide professional development, guidelines, and voluntary standards to be used by higher education officials regarding the best practices in records management, admissions, enrollment management, administrative information technology, and student services. AACRAO represents institutions in every part of the higher education community, from large public institutions to small, private liberal arts colleges.

About AACRAO Consulting

AACRAO Consulting provides services to universities and colleges of all sizes, across the US, Canada, and around the world. AACRAO has long been known for our expertise and resources for registrars and admissions professionals and our consulting services reflect this. While we’ve become the leading resource for Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM), we’ve continued our not-for-profit focus on supporting the success of the higher education community we serve.