Recordkeeping Services & Data Stewardship

Strong working knowledge of the standards of student recordkeeping practices in higher education. Functional expertise in the technologies of storage, retrieval, persistence, archiving, and purging of records.

Content knowledge requirements: Federal and state laws regarding the maintenance, archiving and destruction of academic records. Familiarity with best practices as outlined in AACRAO publications (e.g., Student Records Management, Academic Record and Transcript Guide).

Skill requirements: Ability to manage the organization, storage, sharing, archiving and destruction of student records in different media. Develop and apply policies and procedures, coordinate with other offices managing student records, and provide service to students and other constituents. Ability to work with student information system managers to ensure a comprehensive and effective records management system.

Ethical requirements: Understanding of the importance of the confidentiality and accuracy of student records, a willingness to educate the campus community about recordkeeping responsibilities, and a commitment to equitable care of all students’ records.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Understanding of institutional policies regarding student recordkeeping and a basic understanding of state and federal laws. General comprehension of the various means of recordkeeping (electronic, paper, archival) and the related systems. Conversant in the policies and practices governing access to student records by campus constituencies and outside agencies or individuals.

Intermediate level: Comprehension of institutional policies and practices regarding student records and the rationale for the policies and practices. Understanding of the state and federal laws that inform institutional policy. Good comprehension of the technologies related to the creation, retrieval, sharing, storing, archiving and destruction of student records. Ability to articulate proper practices to campus constituencies and to explain to students their rights and responsibilities regarding their records.

Expert level: Comprehensive understanding of student recordkeeping practices in higher education Expertise in the applicable laws and policies governing record management. Ability to work with faculty and other campus constituencies to ensure appropriate compliance. Understanding of the appropriate interaction with college counsel and law enforcement, and the proper response to subpoenas for the release of student records.