International Enrollment Management

General understanding of the institutional international enrollment targets. Awareness of the role of enrollment-related functions to meet institutional goals and the ability to apply international enrollment management techniques.

Content knowledge requirements: Have a deep understanding of University and departmental needs and ability to collaborate with those partners; Support those needs with marketing, recruiting, enrolling, retaining and graduating qualified and diverse student population.

Skill requirements: Champion academic equality, diversity, equity and inclusion for all international students.Ability to collaborate with multiple University stakeholders; Exceptional attention to detail and problem-solving abilities; Ability to develop and implement strategies to meet institutional goals.

Ethical requirements: Promote integrity, confidentiality and professionalism.

Expertise Levels

Entry level: Promote an institutional culture that celebrates diverse, multicultural, and intercultural learning. 

Intermediate level: Develop and implement effective recruitment and admissions strategies for international students

Expert level: Streamline and increase efficiencies in your departmental activities; Support success of enrolled international students across the institution; Coordinate with other stakeholders (University and Governmental) with greater efficiency.