Member commitment is the key to AACRAO's success as a national higher education association. It is because of the contributions of members through service on committees and special projects that AACRAO has become a strong professional association. Since 1959, AACRAO has recognized its members for their distinguished service to the association and the profession. This acknowledgment continues today.

2020 AACRAO Awards

Nominations for the 2020 AACRAO Awards are closed. Please check back later this year for updates on the 2021 Awards.

Member Awards

  • The Outstanding Mentor Award recognizes a current AACRAO member for exceptional commitment and personal investment in the mentorship, guidance, and development of others.
  • The Emerging Leader Award is presented to professionals who have, early in their AACRAO engagement, made an exceptional or unique contribution to AACRAO which demonstrates promise as a future AACRAO leader. Contributions may include those at the state or regional level and must include those at the national level.
  • The Award for Excellence in International Education is presented to a member for excellence in the field of international education.
  • The Thomas A. Bilger Award is presented to a member in recognition of consistent vision, service and/or leadership in AACRAO and with seven or more years of volunteer service.
  • The Janie Barnett Distinguished Service Award recognizes an active or retired AACRAO member for exceptional contributions over an extended period of time for service to AACRAO at the national level. Formerly known as "The Distinguished Service Award," this award was renamed in 2019 in honor of Janie Barnett, a recently retired AACRAO Associate Executive Director. 
  • Honorary Membership is awarded in recognition of a member's active involvement and contribution to AACRAO.

Non-Member Awards

  • The Elbert W. Ockerman State and Regional Professional Activity Award recognizes outstanding professional activities of the state/regional associations.
  • The AACRAO Centennial Award for Excellence is presented to an individual who is not an AACRAO member and is not in a traditional AACRAO-focused role at an institution, but who has made a contribution to or influenced the higher education community in a notable and positive manner that supports the vision and mission statement of AACRAO.

Acknowledge Retiring Professionals

Know someone who is retiring from an AACRAO profession? Email with the name of your retiring colleague and the following information:

  • Title
  • Institution
  • Address
  • Number of years in the profession

AACRAO recognizes retiring members on the screen at the Annual Meeting and sends a certificate in the mail.