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With our Black Caucus colleagues opening needed discussions, it's time the Latinx community looks inwards and asks ourselves: how do we combat anti-Blackness in our community?

"As with other minority groups that have come before us, white supremacy seduces with its promise of prosperity and happiness — the door to the American dream — while our own internalized cultural histories often erase the contributions of Afro-descendants to the past and present of Latinidad. So rather than taking this latest tragic spate of police killings as an opportunity to express our solidarity or talk about our shared struggle with African Americans, let’s take this as an opportunity to reflect on anti-blackness in our own communities, and take concrete steps to decolonize our minds, our families, and our people."

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    Shirley Caballero, Latinx Caucus Vice Chair of Membership

    Shirley Caballero CC

    Shirley Caballero is currently the Assistant Director for the Student-Athlete Academic Center at Florida International University. Shirley began her career at FIU in 2011 as an Academic Advisor for Exploratory students and joined the SAAC in June of 2015. 

    Shirley earned her undergraduate degree from Florida International University in Anthropology and Sociology with a minor in Religious Studies.  She then earned her Master’s in Higher Education Administration from the University of Connecticut in 2011.

    A Miami native of Cuban descent, Shirley enjoys spending time her family and friends, going to the beach, or catching a good movie at the theater.
    When asked what she loves about AACRAO she mentioned that she enjoys being part of a community that understands the work she does on her campus and how it feeds into student success. 


    Eric Harris, Latinx Caucus Vice Chair


    Eric Harris CC

    Born and raised in “Calibama”, Eric has ties to the West and the South (which usually makes for interesting conversations).  Presently he is one of two registrars at UA’s Graduate School, serving master’s and doctoral students across more than 120 degree programs. Eric lives in Hoover, Alabama with his wife, Monica and their two boys, Diego and Luca. 

    His reason for joining the Latinx Caucus? "There is strength in numbers."  When arriving in a new city, at another conference, it is a comfort to identify with a familiar face and all of the shared history and personal stories that often accompany it.  




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Mission Statement

Community. Education. Support. Growth.

The mission of the AACRAO Latinx Caucus is to promote the empowerment and awareness of Latinx identified members. Through developing and encouraging cross-cultural communication, collaboration, and celebration of the unique differences inherent in our community we can enrich our AACRAO experience and enhance our understanding of our students, leadership in academic and enrollment services as well as the global educational community. The Caucus strives for promoting dialogue that increases awareness about the challenges that their community faces, while fostering leadership, mutual understanding and a flourishing environment for both students and professionals alike. 

AACRAO's Latinx Caucus is open to anyone with AACRAO membership devoted to their mission. They convene once a year in person at our Annual Meeting. 


Latinx Caucus Chair

Soraira Urquiza CC

Soraira Urquiza, Registrar | American Film Institute Conservatory
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