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AACRAO believes we have a professional obligation to build a vibrant, diverse community of leaders in our field to meet the demands of a quickly-changing professional landscape.

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Your donation will help provide career development and research support to deserving academic, international and enrollment professionals via the following funds:

The Conner Scholarship Fund

The demand is high. According to our surveys the top reason members can not attend our Annual Meeting is a lack of institutional financial support. A new generation of diverse and motivated higher education professionals will change the face of the profession, but only if they have access to the knowledge and network of professionals that AACRAO can provide them. The Conner Fund helps create those connections that can translate into more rewarding career experiences, better outcomes for our institutions and our better results for the students we serve. 

John Douglas Conner was named the first Executive Director of AACRAO in 1966 and served until his retirement in 1988. The Conner Scholarship Fund provides support for AACRAO members to participate in the AACRAO Annual Meeting.

The Gloria R. Nathanson Fund

The picture is big. The future of higher education is a cooperative, global effort.

The Gloria R. Nathanson Fund for Research in International Education supports country or education system research conducted by AACRAO members in order to further the body of knowledge in the field of comparative international education and credential evaluation. 

Funded projects will published and distributed through AACRAO’s existing sources, which includes the AACRAO EDGE database, AACRAO print and electronic publications, presentations and webinars.
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Thank you to those that continue to support our profession.


AACRAO is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.