February Book Club: How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi

February 9, 2021
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Young African American woman standing sideways, head down, showing palm with stop racism lettering

AACRAO’s Book Club is back for February, with Dr. Ibram X Kendi’s book How to be an Antiracist this month’s reading selection. 

It is not enough to not be racist. You must be antiracist.

Kendi is a plenary speaker at our 2021 (106th) Annual Meeting, and he explores the notion of antiracism in this book from various levels: how to be antiracist in every level of your life, from work, to school, to your personal life. 

"Neither failure nor success is written. The story of our generation will be based on what we are willing to do. Are we willing to endure the grueling fight against racist power and policy?" (Kendi, p. 218). And it is a fight - a fight to ensure equity for yourself, your colleagues, and your students at every level in your life. This book club discussion is an opportunity for you to examine what your fellow members’ thoughts, insights, and experiences are in this realm. 

AACRAO member Dr. Soraira Urquiza is a host and a member of our Latinx Caucus. She is aiming to discuss how antiracism looks in our world from the perspective of college administrators, and also will speak on anti-Blackness in the Latinx community, along with intra-cultural racism. 

Joyce Philip, president of Dynamic Dimensions Unlimited, LLC, will be discussing the hard truth of where one falls on the racism spectrum. Are you an assimilationist, segregationist, or antiracist? Do you think this is an and/or identity? There is no shame, just honesty in this discussion. Come prepared with your questions and stories, and register today for the book club discussion on February 23, at 2:00 p.m. ET.

Dr. Ibram X Kendi will speak on diversity and equity at our 2021 (106th) Annual Meeting. Registration is open now - register today to hear him speak in person on this topic.


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