Signature Initiatives


  • AACRAO Gives

    Through donations, service, research, scholarships, and more, AACRAO has a positive impact on the communities in which we work, gather, and live as well as the vibrant, diverse community of leaders in our field.

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  • Learning Mobility

    As guardians of data and record integrity with direct contact to faculty, students and academia, AACRAO members are in a pivotal position to address the barriers to implementation of policies and practices aimed at alleviating issues related to transfer, credit mobility, and recognition of learning.

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  • LEAD Initiative

    The LEAD initiative takes a multi-pronged approach at identifying and preparing a diverse group of enrollment leaders to take on leadership roles in Enrollment Management in North America and across the globe.

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  • Signature Initiatives

    AACRAO develops and leads strong advocacy coalitions to benefit the advancement of higher education, higher education policy, and the learners we serve.

Two professionals working at a desk.

Coaching and Your Path to Senior Enrollment Management

Apr 1, 2024

See how AACRAO's ASCEND program coaches make an outsized impact on their charges and the importance of these types of professional relationships.

Photograph of an individual with their arm extended for a handshake.

Fostering Inclusive Leadership for Higher Education's Future

Mar 4, 2024

Equipping our higher education colleagues with the tools they need to take their career to the next level.