Protesting during a global pandemic

July 28, 2020
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mass of people wearing face masks as some of them raise their fists in the air while they protest

The COVID pandemic has placed a spotlight on our vulnerabilities as a society. But it has also brought us together. 

What we've seen cannot be unseen. We acknowledge the holes in the narratives, the tears in the fabric of our society. The United States is built on ambitious values, but they aren't applied justly nor prioritized to support all people. These inequalities play out in the distribution of housing, health, food, education, justice, and other resources. 

How will we address them?

At the conclusion of the AACRAO Black Caucus town hall in June, attendees were left with the question: what next?  The AACRAO Black Caucus sees the pandemic as an opportunity to truly reflect and redesign, a process that begins by pushing the powers that be into the conversation. It begins with protest.

Get into "good trouble"

On August 28, the 57th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington, where a young John Lewis marched with Martin Luther King, Jr., join the Black Caucus in person or online to for the 2020 March on Washington.

The in-person march, led by the National Action Network (NAN), will be a day of action demonstrating our commitment to policing and criminal justice.

The virtual march, led by the NAACP, will drive the movement from protest to policy to power.


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