Black Caucus redefines purpose and builds membership

April 15, 2019
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people sit around circular tables and converse by Kristy Goodwin, Chair of the Black Caucus, and Director, College Pathways Program, Governors State University

This year the Black Caucus kicked off strong with 100+ members and growing. We are redefining our purpose and intentionally working to continue build a solid membership. The caucus has created positions to foster professionals to maintain its members and create new initiatives. With a VP of Membership, and VP of Communications, we are taking steps to position ourselves in an effective and efficient way for members.

The Black Caucus meets together every year to mentor, collaborate, solve problems and celebrate each other as they work in institutions where they continue to be marginalized and silenced. This year, Bianca Thompson, VP of Membership, asked the members what topics would they like to discuss that can help members at their respective institutions.

The Black Caucus was founded on truth, justice and equality. We are a caucus comprised of individuals who serve in many executive positions across the country with a host of knowledge, experience, and passion.

The Black Caucus in 2019 was an example of higher education leaders coming together to express, offer and give their best selves and experiences.

As chair of the caucus, I am excited to be a part of such an influential membership where I work with vice-chair and secretary Roslyn Perry to bring energy and engagement. In efforts to stay engaged as a caucus throughout the year, I look forward to the caucus’s webinars, video chats and quarterly newsletters.


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