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  • AACRAO's Professional Development Guidelines for Registrars: A Self-Assessment
    In response to the increasing tempo of change in the world of educational technology and its impact on the profession, AACRAO is pleased to present the updated version of the Self-Assessment. (2018).
  • Mentorship in Higher Education: Practical Advice and Leadership Theories
    Written by both mentors and those who have been guided by mentors in their professional lives, Mentorship in Higher Education: Practical Advice and Leadership Theories features a host of wisdom and anecdotes offering multiple perspectives on and experiences with mentorship. Preface by C&U Editor-in-Chief Jeff von Munkwitz-Smith. Zimar, H., & Montgomery, J. (2017).
  • AACRAO Guide to Graduation Ceremonies
    The AACRAO Guide to Graduation Ceremonies provides everything you need to design your institution's ceremony from start to finish, including logistical arrangements, commencement programs, diplomas, regalia, and academic honors. (2017).




Reconvening after AACRAO's Fall Symposium: Global Recognition in International Admissions and Credential Evaluation

October 3, 2019

Free webinar |  | 2-3 PM ET

In August 2019, more than thirty colleagues gathered in Washington, DC to discuss the topic of Global Recognition in higher education.

What is Global Recognition?

AACRAO launched a discussion around this question at its 2019 Fall Symposium. Participants from around the U.S., as well as from Canada and Italy, explored this question as they exchanged information and opinions on the topic of UNESCO’s Convention on Global Recognition in Higher Education, its influence on US university admissions and international credential evaluation, and whether Global Recognition is even possible.

The 2019 Fall Symposium brought a lot of questions to the surface but ultimately, wrapped up with this thought:
Consider recognition and how you/we make an admissions decision. Is there room for growth or reframing of our idea of recognition?

Now what? 

In this follow up webinar, we’ll hear from several colleagues – from US universities and from a foreign credential evaluation agency – who were in attendance at the Symposium. They will share their comments, impressions, and perspectives on the Symposium, and discuss how the information they gained from this event might impact their own work. 

Join the discussion as AACRAO and our partners in higher education discuss this important topic and its evolution in the coming months.