AACRAO members appointed to CAS Registrar Standards Committee

February 4, 2019
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headshot of a female next to a headshot of a male separated by a black strip in the middle by Lara Medley, AACRAO VP for Records and Academic Services

This past fall, the CAS Standards Management Committee invited AACRAO to partner in updating the CAS Registrar standards. Tina Faulkner, AACRAO President, accepted this offer.  We appreciate the opportunity to provide subject matter experts from our professional membership for the CAS Registrar Standards Committee. 

In December we sent a call to our members to identify those who would be interested in serving on the committee.  We received more than 60 applications from our members, all of whom have excellent experience in the profession.  Three of these members were selected, representing a diverse set of institutions geographically as well as ensuring that we have representation from both two- and four-year institutions.   

AACRAO members selected are:
Rebecca Mathern
Associate Provost and University Registrar, Oregon State University
Brooke Holt 
Dean of Student Services/Registrar, Northwest Arkansas Community College

Rob Hornberger 
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and Services/Registrar, Missouri State University

In addition to revising the standards and possibly aligning them more closely to AACRAO’s Core Competencies and Proficiencies, the Committee will be updating the Contextual Statement for Registrar Programs and Services so that it reflects history, significant developments, emerging issues, and trends.

From information provided by the CAS Chair, the group plans to have a first iteration ready for comment in the summer of 2019.  Once the first draft is ready, the applicants who were not selected from the AACRAO subject matter experts will be invited to read and comment on the Committee’s statement.  The CAS Registrar Standards Committee plans to present the statement to the CAS Council at its November 2019 meeting. 


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