Comprehensive Learner Record to the Rescue! Transforming Student Learning to Skills

June 1, 2021
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Despite the challenges facing learners today, higher education shows its resiliency. The evolving landscape of teaching and learning calls for an explicit connection of coursework and co-curricular activities to skills and employability. To support this important work, AEFIS, an ed tech company, is committed to empowering institutions to demonstrate educational impact through a unified platform for assessment management, learner success, and continuous improvement to help activate authentic lifelong learning. Working together, higher education leaders and AEFIS are leading the digitization of student learning—and mainstreaming the recognition of skills so valuable to employers.

Workforce preparedness remains important
In a 2021 Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) workforce analysis report, a diverse set of employers share their views on workforce preparedness and the outcomes, skills and experiences they value most in recruiting their team members for jobs (Finley, 2021). This analysis serves as a reminder to higher education that students need to translate their learning from one setting to another in order to support specific workforce needs and responsibilities.

The Comprehensive Learner Record verifies students' learning
Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) is a dynamic, verified record of student achievements across curricular, co-curricular and experiential learning activities. CLR provides evidence of student learning in real-time, giving institutional administrators, student advisors, employers and students a window into learning. As a modern SaaS platform with integrated, all-in-one solutions, AEFIS is the first ed-tech company to be certified in IMS Global Learning Consortium CLR standard—advancing interoperability and skills recognition for higher education and their learners. 

Together, AEFIS CLR and courageous academic leaders from across the country are changing how higher education tracks student learning while empowering students to take ownership of their skills, showcase them to future employers, and ultimately, cultivate the mindset of a lifelong learner. 

Register today for the free webinar
Join academic leaders from Johns Hopkins University, University of Rochester School of Nursing, and University of Maryland, Baltimore County on June 15th, 2021 at 2:00 PM ET for "Strategies for Joining the Digital Credentials Transformation—How the CLR Can Support Continuing Education Initiatives at Your Institution.” Listen in as these pioneers share how their institutions are answering the call for digital transformation—providing robust, flexible programs for lifelong learning, badging and CLR and portable records of achievement and visibility of skills required for employment.


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