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Season 2

The Registrar's Website | 12/03/2019

"It's always fun to reach out for something shiny and new but it so satisfying to take something like a website that's frequently overlooked and...transform it into a more effective tool for service delivery."

  • Doug McKenna
  • Season Two Introductory Episode | 10/29/2019

  • Doug McKenna
  • Season 1

    Episode 10 - FERPA in the 21st Century | 08/20/2019

    "We've moved beyond the FERPA law which is 'can we' to 'should we'?"

  • Doug McKenna
  • Episode 09 - User Acceptance Testing (UAT) | 07/26/2019

    "There are a lot of different ways to conduct UAT, probably as many ways as there are different types of institutions. The only wrong way is to not do it."

  • Doug McKenna
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