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Host Sarah Reed

Music composed by Doug McKenna
Music performed by Doug McKenna and Andrew Brenner  Creative Commons License

licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
Current Season

S6E15 - Farewell from Sarah, with Love to the Listeners | 02/20/2024

Sarah Reed is stepping away from co-hosting For the Record and is sharing her reflections about how she stumbled into podcasting, the journey of podcasting, her thoughts about and processing this change of stepping away from something she has deeply enjoyed, and other reflections she learned through the process and from guests directly to the listening audience.

S6E14 - Trust in the Digital Credential Age | 01/25/2024

This episode delves into questions of trust in digital credentials, as higher education is moving quickly toward–and is in fact already awarding in droves.

S6E13 - Reflections of a Semi-Retired Registrar | 12/20/2023

Sarah Reed and Scott Dittman explore the life path and journey of a registrar- beyond the individual career changes- to learn more about what has inspired these changes, and upon a lived life thus far.

S6E12 - Microcredentials at an R1 Institution | 12/13/2023

This episode explores the ways that Rutgers University went about discerning the best path forward with microcredentials with Chris Retzko, Director of Academic Assessment and Accreditation.

S6E11 - An Interview with UPCEA CEO Bob Hansen | 11/06/2023

In this episode, Bob Hansen, CEO of UPCEA, shares the impetus for the Convergence conference, reflects on the state of credentials in higher education, and looks to the future of collaborations with AACRAO.

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February 2024 Farewell from Sarah, with Love to the Listeners

March 2024 Teaching Out the College Closure


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