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Hosted by Doug McKenna
C-Host Sarah Reed

Music composed by Doug McKenna
Music performed by Doug McKenna and Andrew Brenner  Creative Commons License

licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

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Previous Episodes

S5E7 - Transfer Guides (and More!) | 09/20/2022

  • Doug McKenna
  • S5E6 - Women Supporting Women | 08/12/2022

    Three women share their experiences with supporting and being supported by other women

  • Doug McKenna
  • S5E4: In Memoriam Tina Falkner | 05/27/2022

    A sampling of the testimonials and remembrances of Tina Falkner from people who knew her.

  • Doug McKenna
  • S5E2: Conversations with Sarah - Part II | 04/29/2022

    Reflections from the AACRAO Community pt II

  • Doug McKenna
  • S5E1: Conversations with Sarah | 04/22/2022

    Reflections from the AACRAO Community

  • Doug McKenna
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    Transfer - Reverse Transfer + Registrar Processes

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    Season 4

    S4E11: Microcredentials and You | 03/30/2022

    Why you should care about the Alternative Credentials Work Group.

  • Doug McKenna
  • Season 2

    S2E7: COVID-19 Situations | 03/20/2020

    "We may never see a return to normalcy in higher education and it remains to be seen whether that will be the positive change many of us have hoped for and hoped to achieve."

    Season 1

    S1E10: FERPA in the 21st Century | 08/20/2019

    "We've moved beyond the FERPA law which is 'can we' to 'should we'?"

  • Doug McKenna