Registrar 201 revamped to help experienced registrars build their skills

February 26, 2018
  • AACRAO Annual Meeting
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  • Records and Academic Services
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After four successful offerings at past Annual Meetings, the Registrar 201 workshop was put on hiatus for the 2017 meeting in order to evaluate its format and content.  The workshop, geared toward those professionals with at least five years of experience, has been completely revamped and will be offered again at the 2018 Annual Meeting in Orlando.  The format of the new workshop, retitled “Registrar 201: Advanced Case Studies in the Records and Registration Profession” takes a new approach, different from the past power points and discussion workshops commonly offered.  

The new Registrar 201 uses a case study and discussion method, allowing the facilitators and participants to have more time to analyze and discuss actual or possible situations in which records and registration professionals could find and have found themselves. 

“The REG 201 workshop has been well received in past offerings, but it was felt that it just wasn’t doing what we wanted it to do,” said Glenn Munson, one of the original presenters of the workshop.  “We realized last year that we wanted to develop a new format with new content, so we didn’t present the workshop in Minneapolis in order to give us time to do just that.  And we wanted to devise a workshop that was a logical progression from the REG 101 workshop.”

The group working on the workshop, including the four most recent past and present AACRAO Vice Presidents for Records and Academic Services, met twice in person and several times via conference call over the past two years.  At the last meeting in December 2017, they decided that the new format using presentations based on “Ted Talks” and case studies was just what they wanted, realizing as well that it meant that the entire workshop would be built with new topics and new presentations.  

“The workshop needed to reflect the changing nature of the role of the registrar, not just someone collecting grades and keeping records,” President-elect Tina Falkner said. “We are now involved in data sharing, retention, curriculum.  We wear so many different hats. We think we will have a workshop that will do that, using the professional competencies as our guides.”

Learn more about the workshop, geared toward those with at least five years of experience in the profession and will explore major competencies and proficiencies of the registrar profession, FERPA beyond the basics, and what issues for the future. March 24-25 in Orlando. Register now!



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