Julia Funaki

headshot of Julia Funaki

Associate Director, International, AACRAO

Funaki received her Bachelor of Science from The Ohio State University and worked for the Columbus Council on World Affairs. Julia attended a graduate program at American University and worked in domestic and international admissions for the University. Upon completion of her Master’s in International Communication she took a job in the foreign student services office at Ohio Wesleyan University. After returning to Washington and completing a Master’s in International Education with an emphasis in Higher Ed Administration, Julia worked for the University of Maryland College Park in International Education Services. In 1996, Julia joined the staff at AACRAO. She has been collaborated with NACAC, NAGAP, PESC, and NAFSA:AIE, LSAC, and others.  She has served as an author, editor, presenter, committee member and chair, and serves on the faculty for AACRAO.