Revisiting AACRAO’s Academic Record and Transcript Guide

January 25, 2021
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AACRAO released its most recent updates to the Academic Record and Transcript Guide in the spring of 2020. The results of a 2019 AACRAO Research survey, distributed to all members, helped influence the recommendations in this guide, which covers a multitude of new topics in the field.


Cultural shifts have brought new focus on topics such as gender identity (and the name changes associated with it), disciplinary action notation on transcripts, and the extended transcript. Your Gen Z students have different needs than the others who came before them - be sure you’re ready to meet those questions.

Technical Know How

With a self-audit checklist, guide to a transcript key, and a survey of latest transcript practices, this guide is the most up-to-date on records and transcripts in the technical sense. In addition, discussions are included on topics such as transcription of nontraditional work. Did you know that there is a “distinction between identifying the origin of the coursework (recommended) and identifying the mode of delivery (not recommended)”? 

In addition, further guidance is issued on: identifying fraud in transcripts, transcript services, physical and electronic security of transcripts, and training your staff so they can effectively manage the student records. Get your copy today. 



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