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Field Notes Self Audit

Field Notes - Continuous Improvement: Creating a Departmental Audit

Jul 26, 2021

Field Notes contributor Katie Brown demonstrates how to use resources available to improve your department.

New SEMQ EB Member

SEMQ Welcomes New Editorial Board Member

Jul 26, 2021

SEMQ Welcomes new editorial board member Jairo McMican to the team.


#DoublePell Launches New Campaign and Website

Jul 26, 2021

AACRAO recently helped launch the #DoublePell campaign to double the maximum Pell Grant by June 2022.

Transfer Wrap Up

AACRAO’s 2021 Transfer Practice Summit - Wrap-up

Jul 26, 2021

See what happened at the 2021 Transfer Practice Summit and learn about upcoming opportunities to collaborate with higher-ed professionals.

SEQ Research

SEMQ Releases Volume 9 Issue 2 - Highlights

Jul 26, 2021

Latest release from SEMQ explores a variety of topics in enrollment management.

Baden-Württemberg Seminar

2021 Baden-Wurttemberg Virtual Seminar

Jul 26, 2021

Applications for the virtual Baden-Württemberg Seminar opening soon.

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Prepare for the July Book Club - Discussing "The Transfer Experience"

Jul 12, 2021

Join the July Book Club to discuss "The Transfer Experience: A Handbook for Creating a More Equitable and Successful Postsecondary System."

Ask the FERPA Professor

Jul 12, 2021

The FERPA Professor answers a member questions regarding research and record notation.

Small College Registrar

AACRAO Small College Registrar Series - Summer Continues

Jul 12, 2021

The small college registrar webinar series continues with William Stanfill, Ed Siffring, and Julia Funaki.

Self Advocacy

Field Notes: Self-Advocacy is Not Selfish

Jul 12, 2021

Field Notes: AACRAO Women's Caucus Chair Laura Remillard writes on the importance of self-advocacy and gives tips on how to improve.


New Survey Open Focused on Undergraduate Admissions

Jul 12, 2021

New survey is open exploring criminal & disciplinary questions in undergraduate admissions and recruitment.

History of American Higher Education

History and Progress - 400 years of American Higher Education

Jul 12, 2021

Learn about the behind-the-scenes work that went into creating AACRAO's latest on-demand course on the history of American Higher Education

Transfer Interview

Engaging Students to Prepare for Successful Transfer

Jun 28, 2021

An interview with Renee Esparza, Austin Community College, Transfer Resource Director, about successful transfer strategies and her upcoming session at AACRAO's 2021 Transfer Practice Summit.

July Book Club

July Book Club: The Transfer Experience

Jun 28, 2021

Attend AACRAO's July Book Club to discus "The Transfer Experience: A Handbook for Creating a More Equitable and Successful Postsecondary System."

international institutes

Registration Open For International Institute

Jun 28, 2021

Learn more about the International Institute coming in July.

CLR Phase II Report

Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) Phase II Report Is Out Now

Jun 28, 2021

Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) Phase II Report is out now and available for download.

Ask the FERPA Professor

Jun 28, 2021

The FERPA Professor answers questions regarding the recordation provision and inadvertent information release.

CXC Webinar

Caribbean Examinations Council Webinar (CXC®)

Jun 28, 2021

Free webinar hosted by the Caribbean Examinations Council focused on protocols, procedures, and adaptations in the examination cycle.

Small College Summer Series

Announcing: The Small College Registrar Summer Series

Jun 15, 2021

Learn more about the small college registrar summer series coming in late June.

Transfer Student Connect

Understanding the needs of today’s transfer student

Jun 15, 2021

AACRAO researcher looks at the data and explores the needs of the modern transfer student.