Registrars as storytellers

August 24, 2020
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Storytelling has been a form of communication for tens of thousands of years. Good storytelling can be a simple, effective, and efficient way to provide understanding of complex issues. In the latest issue of C&U Journal, Christopher Rooney discusses why storytelling has a valuable role in organizations like the registrar’s office.  

“I quickly saw that not only did [storytelling] have vast potential, but it was already being used quite prominently,” Rooney wrote in the article. “Stories are one of the primary ways in which humans communicate and interact with one another—even in an office.”

Rooney writes that as registrar offices are increasingly engaged in collaborative work on campus, “stories can help integrate information, knowledge, and people into teams.” He added: “Stories offer an opportunity for multiple members of a team to contribute to a larger narrative. Individuals are limited—by time, subject, and level of responsibility—in their ability to process information, so when work intersects, storytelling offers a chance to share information efficiently.”

Rooney also noted that storytelling can be a tool to help mitigate interpersonal issues within an office. In addition, he points out that as the workplace becomes more “data informed and data literate and gains access to more quantifiable information,” storytelling can help ensure staff continue to connect to “the individual and institutional knowledge on which we historically have depended.”

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