Setting the Stage to Empower Learners through Blockchain

January 10, 2022
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Sponsored by Scribbles Software

We are all looking for security, simplicity, and value in our lives. Our personal data, records, and credentials should also follow those guidelines. At Scribbles Software, we are built on those core beliefs. We prioritize security, simplicity, and value in everything we do.

We know that the future is blockchain; that is why we have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to securely store and transfer electronic, student records. With over 2,500 post-secondary institutions in the Scribbles e-Transcript Network, Scribbles has positioned learners and education institutions a simple and secure way to send and receive student credentials through our blockchain service.  Scribbles Blockchain utilizes the Amazon Managed Blockchain, a fully managed service for creating and managing blockchain networks and network resources using open-source frameworks.

As the pandemic continues to impact the EdTech industry, the importance of e-transcript delivery increases. Since the beginning of the pandemic, nationwide college and university enrollment has experienced an unprecedented decline of 7.8% in comparison to pre-pandemic levels (NSC Research Center, 2021). With that data, post-secondary institutions must prioritize and focus on increasing student retention. A great starting point is to appeal to the target audience: cutting-edge Blockchain technology empowers students to securely take control of their academic records by owning their transcripts electronically and ensures the utmost security when distributing to post-secondary institutions. 

The Scribbles Blockchain enables colleges and universities to produce a quick turnaround for acceptance letters.  Also, the structure of the blockchain architecture is virtually unbreakable. Therefore, when a student sends their transcripts to a prospective school in the Scribbles e-transcript Network, the verification process is accurate and reliable. 

Governmental compliance needs to be the bottom line for institutions in the educational industry. In doing so, schools can utilize blockchain technology to maximize the security of records by ensuring that only authorized personnel can view and handle private student information. 

The Scribbles e-Transcript Network serves approximately 90% of the post-secondary institutions across the US.  However, there are still colleges and universities that have not joined the e-transcript network.  Institutions outside of our network unnecessarily elongate the process of requesting, processing, sending, receiving, and verifying transcripts.  Furthermore, the K12 processor is still required for students to apply to post-secondary institutions, but the blockchain bypasses this obstacle that sits in between the prospective student and their future institution. The current generation of students that are entering post-secondary education value efficiency, independence, and technology – all of which are provided by the software technology of the blockchain. 

The Scribbles e-transcript Network is rapidly growing and will soon become the standard of the educational industry in the United States. The question we have for you is: do you want to join now or later?

With all of this being said, we invite you to learn more about the blockchain at our webinar with AACRAO on January 18th.  AACRAO and Scribbles Software will spend the hour with representatives from the university perspective, the K12 district perspective, and the AWS perspective. We will continue to pioneer into the future of record safety, security, and accessibility and look forward to taking the journey with you.  


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