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  • AACRAO's Professional Development Guidelines for Registrars: A Self-Assessment
    In response to the increasing tempo of change in the world of educational technology and its impact on the profession, AACRAO is pleased to present the updated version of the Self-Assessment. (2018).
  • Mentorship in Higher Education: Practical Advice and Leadership Theories
    Written by both mentors and those who have been guided by mentors in their professional lives, Mentorship in Higher Education: Practical Advice and Leadership Theories features a host of wisdom and anecdotes offering multiple perspectives on and experiences with mentorship. Preface by C&U Editor-in-Chief Jeff von Munkwitz-Smith. Zimar, H., & Montgomery, J. (2017).
  • AACRAO Guide to Graduation Ceremonies
    The AACRAO Guide to Graduation Ceremonies provides everything you need to design your institution's ceremony from start to finish, including logistical arrangements, commencement programs, diplomas, regalia, and academic honors. (2017).




GDPR: A Month of Due Diligence

July 12, 2018

Thursday, July 12, 2-3 PM ET

This webinar will review the lead-up to implementation and evaluate an institutional response to GDPR. This informal discussion between the authors of the Interassociation GDPR Guide will examine the first six weeks of implementation, share any needed adjustments or additions to the current approach, and recall areas of greatest concern and determine the extent to which those have been addressed. 

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Presenter: Julia Funaki, Associate Director, AACRAO International 

Julia Funaki

Julia Funaki joined the staff at AACRAO in 1996 and currently serves as Associate Director, AACRAO International. She has been involved with NAFSA and AACRAO as an author, presenter, committee member and chair, and serves on the faculty for the AACRAO Summer and Winter Institutes.

Presenter: Mark McConahay, Associate Vice Provost and Registrar, Indiana University Bloomington

Mark McConahayMark McConahay attended Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, received a B.A. in Mathematics (1979) and Master of Science of Environmental Science (1984) and never left. He joined the Office of the Registrar in 1982 as an Analyst/Programmer, was the Associate Registrar of Systems from 1990–2011, and is now the Associate Vice Provost and Registrar. In addition to his work in the Office of the Registrar, Mark has presented at several conferences, received two EDUCAUSE Best practice Awards (then CAUSE), two CUMREC Best Paper Awards, contributed to books and articles, was a member of the 2002 EDUCAUSE program committee, and a member of the CUMREC Board of Directors.