Conner Scholarship Fund

The Conner Scholarship Fund provides support for AACRAO members to participate in the AACRAO Annual Meeting by fully covering the registration fee.


John Douglas Conner was named the first Executive Director of AACRAO in 1966 and served until his retirement in 1988. Prior to AACRAO he served as the Admissions Director and Registrar at Southern Methodist University from 1953 to 1966.


Conner Scholarship recipients must be:

  • employed by an AACRAO member institution, or
  • a student studying/working at a member institution

Application Process

Applicants must complete a Conner Scholarship Application that includes:

  • a short personal statement (no more than 300 words) describing why you have chosen enrollment and academic services as your profession, and the personal and professional benefits of the scholarship to your position, department, and institution;
  • at least one letter of reference from an active AACRAO member, preferably a supervisor; the reference may be submitted via email; and
  • a resume/CV highlighting work done in the enrollment and academic services field.
  • Applications should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the meeting requested.
  • Applications will not be considered by the committee until the application is complete. A completed application will include the application form, a personal statement, a resume/CV, and a letter of recommendation. 

Evaluation Process

A Conner Scholarship Review Committee, consisting of the AACRAO Finance and Investments Committee and the Vice Chair of the Program Committee will review applications for:

  • strength of personal statement;
  • strength of references;
  • engagement with AACRAO; and
  • diversity as defined by geographic region, institutional size and type, and gender, race, ethnicity, and demonstrated leadership characteristics of applicant.