Become an AACRAO Ambassador

AACRAO Ambassadors are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive AACRAO Annual Meeting experience for first-time participants. Ambassadors will be asked to serve in one or more of the following:

  • Experience AACRAO
  • Stop & Share
  • Other events as needed 
Experience AACRAO
Sunday, April 3  | 3:00 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Experience AACRAO is a “college fair” style event intended to introduce participants to the many facets of AACRAO. Ambassadors will be responsible for approaching and actively engaging participants, answering questions regarding AACRAO or navigating the Annual Meeting, and encouraging engagement with AACRAO.   

Ambassadors will be assigned to the following areas:

  • Welcome/Greeter: Share overview of the layout of the “fair”
  • State & Regional Organizations: Provide general information regarding the various SROs or introducing participants to their specific SRO Representative/Ambassador
  • PACs: Explain role of PACs and all the different committees that exist
  • Caucuses: Provide overview of all of the caucuses or introduce participant to a specific Caucus Representative/Ambassador
  • Float: “Work” the room and share your personal AACRAO experience, encourage networking, and share other opportunities for engagement/service (journal articles, webinars, etc.)
Stop and Share

AACRAO Ambassadors will host a Stop and Share to provide an opportunity for first-time participants to “check in” and ask any questions midway through the Annual Meeting.

Do you have other ideas? We’d love to hear about them. Email meetings@aacrao.org

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