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January 2022
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February 2022
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March 2022
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Presenter Guidelines

  • Uploading Your Materials to the AV Team - DEADLINE MARCH 23, 2022

    To give our AV team sufficient time to prepare for your presentation, please upload your slides as a PowerPoint file to your account with PRG via the links below by March 23, 2022. PRG is providing audio-visual support for AACRAO at the Oregon Convention Center. A template for AACRAO for PowerPoint slides can be found here.

    An account has been created for you on PRG will send you an email with your account password. If you don't receive an email from PRG by Monday, March 14, please contact

    Your account will allow you to upload presentation files, view conference information and more. Your account and login are not connected to your AACRAO Membership credentials.

    Go to to upload your materials.

    The deadline for uploading your presentation materials to PRG is March 23, 2022. When you've arrived in Oregon, you must check-in with the PRG staff in the Speaker Lounge to ensure your presentation delivery will be smooth and free of "technical issues". ALL presenters must check into the Speaker Lounge at least 4 hours PRIOR to your presentation.

    If your presentation materials change or need updates after you've uploaded them, simply login again and upload the most recent version of your PowerPoint file.

    If you have any trouble logging into the site or uploading your materials, please contact, directly.

  • Speaker Lounge

    ALL presenters must check into the Speaker Lounge at least 4 hours PRIOR to your presentation. All meeting rooms have presentation computers networked to a central computer located in the Speaker Lounge. Presenters are encouraged and expected to bring their memory device to the Speaker Lounge, where they will have the opportunity to review their presentations or make any last-minute changes.

    REMINDER: Presenters will have Internet access through the provided laptop. Wi-Fi will be accessible in the meeting rooms; however, the internet will not support "Zooming in" a co-presenter or additional speakers.

  • Powerpoint Presentation Template + Resources

    AACRAO has supplied a branded PowerPoint template that you may use for your session handouts.

    1. Download the template.
    2. Select "Enable Editing" at the top of the presentation.
    3. Click the large grey rectangle where it states, "Click to add first slide."
    4. Populate your presentation with the preset template choices. 

    When building your presentation, make sure you include any external files utilized in the same folder as your presentation (e.g., movie files). When creating your media for transportation, copy the entire folder to the memory device. To ensure the success of your presentation, remember to make a backup copy of your files and transport that media in a separate piece of luggage. If you have movies in your presentation, it is even more important that you verify the file in the Speaker Lounge well ahead of your presentation time.

    If your PowerPoint presentation includes an embedded video (or videos) you MUST bring the presentation and video as SEPARATE files. If you are using PowerPoint 2010 (which allows for embedding of video into the PowerPoint), it is preferred that you bring the separate video files with you in case any problems are encountered.

    Fonts: We can only supply fonts that are included in the base installation of Windows. Any font other than these will need to be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation. For information on embedding fonts, see below. We suggest using the fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, and Tahoma. The use of fonts not included in Windows can lead to words that bleed into graphics or bullets that may be the wrong style.

    You can embed the fonts into your presentation by following these steps:
    Office 2003: On the File menu, click Save As. On the toolbar, click Tools, click Save Options, select the Embed TrueType Fonts check box, and then do the following: To embed all the characters in the font set, select Embed All Characters (best for editing by others)
    Note: If you plan to have others review and edit your file, it's best to embed the full font set, though that creates a larger file.

    Microsoft Office 2007: Click the Office button, and then PowerPoint Options Select the Save Tab and check the box to Embed Fonts in the file

    Office 2010 and 2013: Click File, then Options Select the Save Button and check the Embed Fonts box
    Note: PowerPoint 2011 for Macs and other Mac versions of PowerPoint cannot embed fonts


  • PREZI Users

    We do allow presenters to use Prezi if desired. If possible, use the Present Offline version, which does not require internet connectivity to operate. We ask that you come by the Speaker Lounge in advance to test the presentation.

  • APPLE Products Users

    If you are creating your presentation on an Apple computer, please be aware of the following issues.

    • Movies: QuickTime is not native to Windows computers. It is preferable to have your video files converted to .avi’s to allow for proper operation in PowerPoint for Mac or PC.
    • Pictures: Use common image formats that are cross-platform, such as JPG, PNG, GIF.
    • Fonts: Use common cross-platform fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, and Courier. Many pre-installed and custom fonts will not translate properly on a Windows machine.
    • Animations: Use simple entry animation effects, such as fly-in/out, appear, and dissolve. The best way to ensure your success is to come by the Speaker Lounge. There will be technicians available to assist you.


  • Social Media Toolkit

    Help build excitement and anticipation around the 107th Annual Meeting by sharing these resources with your friends, colleagues, and connections. Use #AACRAO2022 when posting on any social media channels regarding the 107th Annual Meeting. The following hashtags are also applicable:

    • #HigherEd
    • #StudentSuccess
    • #ImplementingSuccess
    • #ProfessionalDevelopment

    Sample Posts

    • Headed to Portland, OR in April to discuss [session topic] at #AACRAO2022. Join me by registering today:
    • Join me in Portland April 3-6, 2022, for the 107th AACRAO Annual Meeting. I’m looking forward to presenting [session topic], attending sessions on supporting #StudentSuccess, and connecting with my colleagues:
    • Honored to be presenting at #AACRAO2022 in Portland, April 3-6. Register to hear my research and attend the hundreds of other sessions available:

    AM22 Social Media Toolkit - Presenter

    Click the image to download the social media graphic.

Presenter Bio Information

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