AACRAO Congressional Hill Day

Thursday, June 20, 2019

AACRAO's Congressional Hill Day allows members the opportunity to walk the halls of Congress and talk with different congressional aides about your work and share your perspective, as practitioners, on how policy can/would impact the work that you do on a daily basis. 

AACRAO Advocates will discuss the association's priorities for the Higher Education Act reauthorization, including support for federal financial aid funding and updates to FERPA. Attendees will also promote legislative efforts to advance reverse transfer practices and protect Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients.

Interested in attending the 2020 Congressional Hill Day?

Those invited to attend AACRAO'S Leadership Meeting in D.C. also apply to serve as AACRAO Advocates while in town for the meeting.
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Hill Day 2018


Senate Meetings

Senator Baldwin
Senator Bennet
Senator Blunt
Senator Brown
Senator Burr
Senator Cardin
Senator Cornyn
Senator Cortez Masto
Senator Crapo
Senator Gardner
Senator Gillibrand
Senator Heitkamp
Senator Kaine
Senator Manchin
Senator Markey
Senator McCaskill
Senator Moran
Senator Nelson
Senator Paul
Senator Portman
Senator Risch
Senator Roberts
Senator Rubio
Senator Smith
Senator Warner
Senator Warren
Senator Wyden
Senator Young

House Meetings

Congresswoman Beatty
Congressman Black
Congresswoman Bonamici
Congressman Brat
Congresswoman Brooks
Congressman Brown
Congressman Buck
Congressman Butterfield
Congressman Byrne
Congressman Capuano
Congressman Carson
Congressman Clay
Congressman Cooper
Congressman Cramer
Congressman Davidson
Congressman Donovan
Congressman Ellison
Congressman Espaillat
Congressman Estes
Congresswoman Fudge
Congressman Gohmert
Congressman Griffith
Congressman Grothman
Congressman Guthrie
Congressman Holding
Congressman Hollingsworth
Congressman Hudson
Congressman Jeffries
Congresswoman Jenkins
Congressman Jenkins
Congresswoman Kelly
Congressman Kinzinger
Congressman Krishnamoorthi
Congressman Labrador
Congressman Lewis
Congressman Long
Congresswoman Maloney
Congresswoman McCollum
Congressman Moulton
Congressman Paulsen
Congressman Perlmutter
Congressman Polis
Congressman Roe
Congressman Rogers
Congressman Rokita
Congressman Rush
Congresswoman Titus
Congressman Vela
Congressman Yoho