Congressional Hill Day

AACRAO Congressional Hill Day

AACRAO Hill Day allows members to engage with congressional offices to discuss your work and share your perspective, as practitioners, on how policy impacts the work you do daily. AACRAO Advocates discuss the association's legislative priorities, including:

Advocates also participate in online training in preparation for the meetings, including AACRAO's on-demand Federal Legislative Process and Advocacy 101 course. The course, which is open and free to all AACRAO members, provides a breakdown of the federal legislative process, helpful insights on how to set up and prepare for meetings with your representatives, and tools to help State & Regional organizations engage with both state and federal issues while remaining in federal compliance. Other online and in-person training sessions cover:

  • What to Expect for Hill Day – highlighting what to expect during meetings with Congressional representatives and reviewing AACRAO's legislative priorities
  • Mock Zoom Interviews – demonstrating the typical flow of a meeting with Congressional staffers and how to address issues that may arise during those conversations
  • Panel Discussion with Congressional Staffers – Hill staffers answer frequently asked questions and provide advice for both first-time and seasoned advocates
  • Insights into Higher Education – offering advocates a chance to hear from an individual from the press on some of the latest issues affecting college campuses

Hill Day 2023 will be held in person in Washington, DC on Thursday, June 22 in tandem with the AACRAO Leadership Meeting, which takes place June 23 – 25, 2023. Hill Day participation is not limited to leadership meeting attendees. This year's in-person Hill Day will be a full-day event. Selected advocates should plan to arrive the evening of Wednesday, June 21.  AACRAO will coordinate and cover up to two nights of lodging for the event. 

Everyone is encouraged to apply. In particular, members from the states represented on the House and Senate education committees are strongly encouraged to apply. The states included are:

New Hampshire
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

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Attend the 2023 Congressional Hill Day

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Past AACRAO Hill Days

2022| 33 AACRAO advocates met virtually with nearly 75 congressional offices.

2021| 33 AACRAO advocates met virtually with nearly 60 congressional offices, specifically focusing on members that sit on the House and Senate education committees.

2019| 53 AACRAO advocates conducted over 100 meetings with congressional leaders.

2018 | 42 AACRAO advocates met with over 80 congressional offices.

Meet the 2022 Advocates

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Testimonials from Past Advocates

Photograph of street leading to Capitol Hill at dusk.

Hill Day 2023: In-person On Capitol Hill

Mar 20, 2023

Advocate and make your voice heard at the 2023 AACRAO Congressional Hill Day.

Photograph of the U.S. Capitol from Arlington National Cemetary.

AACRAO Members Advocate for Higher-Ed

Jul 11, 2022

Learn more about AACRAO Hill Day and meet the 2022 Advocates.

photo of grass field leading up to Capital hill

Become an Advocate at Hill Day

May 16, 2022

Apply to participate in this year's virtual event and advocate for higher education policies that impact the work that you do on a daily basis.

photo of grass field leading up to Capital hill

Congressional Hill Day Wrap-up

Nov 1, 2021

See how AACRAO members became advocates and lent their voices to promote positive change in higher education.

photo of grass field leading up to Capital hill

AACRAO Hill Day Advocate Spotlight

Aug 9, 2021

AACRAO's 2021 Congressional Hill Day Advocates have been chosen.

photo of the US capitol

Apply for AACRAO’s Virtual Hill Day

Jun 14, 2021

AACRAO invites all members to participate in the 2021 Congressional Hill Day event.

Group of AACRAO members standing infrom of the U.S. Capitol building.

AACRAO 2021 Congressional Hill Day

Jun 1, 2021

AACRAO's 2021 Congressional Hill Day is coming this September and is in a virtual format.

the text "building the blueprint" is on the left with a photo of a smiling female on the right

Building the Blueprint: AACRAO Hill Day 2019

Jul 8, 2019

A series of articles from early-career professionals navigating higher education.

Faded blue background photo of Capital Hill with the words "AACRAO Advocate, 2019 Congressional Hill Day" displayed next to a headshot of Bianca Thompson-Owen

Field Notes: Ready… Set… Advocate! 2019 AACRAO Hill Day

Jun 25, 2019

53 AACRAO advocates had over 100 meetings with congressional leaders. A first-time attendee shares her eye-opening experience.

Male holding a white sign with the words "Got Purpose?" written on it in bold black lettering.

A moving testimony about the work AACRAO members do

Aug 3, 2018

"Our work is important and meaningful for students, and our organizations are critical to maintaining consistency in higher education, and being innovative in solving higher education issues," writes Arturo Torres, AACRAO Leadership attendee.

Large group of AACRAO members dressed in formal business attire as they stand in a cross walk with the U.S. Capitol visible in the background.

Leadership, learning and laughter

Jul 2, 2018

Advocating on Capitol Hill, reviewing the Strategic Plan, and playing foursquare.

Simplified image of the U.S. Capitol Dome on a blue background with the following text written next to the image: AACRAO Day on the Hill.

AACRAO Leadership returns to Capitol Hill

Jun 18, 2018

With Senators and Representatives, AACRAO will discuss HEA Reauthorization, FERPA, the Reverse Transfer Efficiency Act, and the PROSPER Act.