Tim Amyx

headshot of Tim Amyx

Director of Admissions & College Registrar, Volunteer State Community College

I have a passion for AACRAO.  I believe that AACRAO is an essential resource for those in our professions. I know that AACRAO must grow with our institutions and students to remain relevant for the next 100 years and beyond. It really is that simple and that complicated.

Over the past three years, while I have served as a Vice President at Large on the Board of Directors, I have had the opportunity to be involved in human resources, governance, and the finances of the Association.  However, most of my Board services have focused on the development and deployment of a new strategic plan.  I believe this plan is the roadmap for AACRAO over the next five years or more. 

AACRAO is a community of like-minded professionals with common interests and common goals.  I believe that our community is our strength.  As we learned over this past year, our human connections are critical to our well-being.  Those connections come in ever-evolving ways, and AACRAO must continue to meet its member's needs for connection and community.

Our community is one that will look very different over the next decade as many of our peers retire.  We must focus on professional education and mentoring to grow those who will take our place, so they understand the rich history of our role in higher education while simultaneously helping them find ways to meet the future needs of our students, institutions, and governing bodies.  AACRAO should be the leader in this space.

Tim Amyx has worked in higher education for over 20 years and is the Director of Admissions and College Registrar at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin, TN just north of Nashville. Tim is a Past President and former Vice President for Information Technology and Publications for Tennessee ACRAO. Over the years, Tim has served on various AACRAO task forces and committees.  He was the chair for the AACRAO Community College Issues Committee and was the Group V coordinator for the Annual Meeting Program Committee and served as Chair for the 2017 Minneapolis  AACRAO Annual Meeting Program Committee.  Tim is one of the original faculty for the AACRAO REG 201 workshop.  He is a recipient of the Tennessee ACRAO Distinguished Service Award and the AACRAO Thomas A. Bilger Award.  Tim currently served on the AACRAO Board of Directors as a Vice President at Large.