Josh Hibbard

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Dr. Josh Hibbard has served nearly 20 years in university administration and enrollment management, including positions as Director of Student Success, Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success, Associate Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment Management, and Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management. Dr. Hibbard’s experience is at both public and private medium-sized comprehensive universities in rural and urban areas. Throughout his career, his span of care has included oversight of admissions, advising, registrar’s office, financial aid, orientation programs, and student accounts, to name a few.

Dr. Hibbard’s research interests span a wide range of student success areas, including online student retention and harnessing the power of technology to improve recruitment, retention, and graduation outcomes.

Dr. Hibbard has led through the conversions of three CRM’s and two SIS transitions. His passion is transforming recruitment, student experience flows, and developing innovative learning environments to enhance pathways to a higher education credential, from communication planning, to improving student support structures. He has led the development and multi-year efforts for university strategic enrollment management planning, from start through implementation. He has also led financial leveraging optimization enhancements, aligning strategy with mission, vision, and strategic plan.  

Dr. Hibbard holds a BA in Biblical Studies, an MA in Social Sciences, and a PhD in High Education with an emphasis in Student Success.