Connie Shipman Newsome

2021 AACRAO Elections - Vice President at Large Candidate

I am incredibly and sincerely honored to be nominated for the Vice President At Large position.  For years, I worked with an institution wherein I was only able to participate with AACRAO infrequently and attend the annual conference rarely.  When I interviewed for my current position, which began in June of 2014, I asked whether the administration supported professional development, and thankfully they did; they’ve been true to their word.  Why did I ask?...because I knew I wanted to be committed to AACRAO as a premier professional development organization for me.  Between AACRAO and NNLSO (the National Network of Law School Officers), I feel fulfilled in professional development needs.  With that said, I accepted the nomination for this position because continual involvement with and commitment to AACRAO is a secure path for steady growth.  After successfully serving as the Vice-Chair Elect and then Vice-Chair for the Nominations and Elections Committee, I see both the honor and challenge of the servant leadership role with an organization as broad-reaching as AACRAO.  If elected, some goals I would endeavor to accomplish include working with the various caucuses and special interest groups to have a broader reach, explore ways to impact the communities wherein we conference annually, and assist with strategic planning such that the changes we put in place present a space for long term success.  At the end of my time as VP at Large, I hope to have used my strengths and skills to move the organization forward and connect on a deeper level with member schools and individuals, such that my service becomes a win-win from both a personal and organizational perspective.  I want the next phase of my life and professional development to be one of impact.  I do indeed appreciate your consideration.  Thank you.