Federal Funding of Higher Education

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, a strong higher education infrastructure and a well-educated population are important to ensure economic innovation and competitiveness.

Student Financial Aid

  • AACRAO strongly supports federal funding for financial aid to ensure that all qualified students have access to higher education.
  • AACRAO strongly urges maintenance of the current maximum Pell Grant Award, as well as the restoration of year-round Pell Grants. The association supports the improvement of gatekeeping for the Pell Grant program so that every dollar of federal support reaches students most in need.

Student Loans

  • AACRAO endorses the Education Department's role as the sole originator of federal student loans. The association strongly opposes any expansion of the role of private actors in providing federal student loans.
    • Private lenders expose students to predatory practices, while doing little to reduce college costs or student loan amounts.
  • The association supports flexible and reasonable repayment options, tailored to individual circumstances that will help students manage their educational debt more responsibly.
  • AACRAO also believes that Congress should restore a pre-2005 provision in the bankruptcy code to allow for discharge of privately-issued student loans in bankruptcy.


  • AACRAO endorses federal support of critical research initiatives at colleges and universities and strongly believes that this support has contributed significantly to the nation's global leadership in research and innovation.