2021 Research Grant Award Recipient Selected

October 18, 2021
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Each year, AACRAO's Research Advisory Board selects up to three highly qualified applicants to receive a stipend of $2000 for usage toward completing an advanced degree and developing a draft academic research article. This year AACRAO is excited to announce Dr. Angela Brockelsby, Associate Provost for Communications, Marketing, and Outreach, North Carolina State University, as our 2021 Research Grant Award Recipient.

Ms. Brockelsby's research will examine how Black, Indigenous, and People of Color use different types of capital associated with cultural and social capital and institutional agents to navigate the transfer process from community college to a four-year institution into STEM degree programs.

Some of the questions addressed by this research include:

  • How do students of color use their experiences to navigate the transfer process into STEM majors from community college to selective public research institutions?
  • What types of tools and strategies do students of color use to successfully navigate the transfer and transition process into their STEM majors from community college to a selective public research institution?

We had a chance to ask Ms. Brockelsby a few questions regarding her upcoming research project, goals, and objectives in preparation for this article.

Why choose this area of research?

Transfer success has long been an area where higher education institutions have realized the need for focus and support. However, from my experiences, they have lacked concentrated effort, coordination, and collaboration due to various reasons. "Transfer" can live under multiple areas, including colleges, admission's office, registrar's office, and student affairs. This requires many entities to work together towards a solution. However, what we have focused on in the past is a one-size-fits-all solution for the majority population. What I hope to achieve with my research is to focus on BIPOC student voices, narratives, and experiences to guide institutions in creating solutions that will meet the needs of this specific population. Instead of focusing on deficit models of thought, I would like to highlight the different cultural or social capital types these students bring to achieve success. I believe we can learn a lot from these students and co-create a solution towards transfer success.

What are your goals for publishing?

My goals for publishing would be to focus on publications that are for both practitioners and academics.

How will the research funds help you complete your objectives?

The research funds will hopefully help in the recruitment and interview process. I will use it to provide incentives to participants for their time and insights. I will use the rest of the funds to either help with the transcription of interviews or the editorial process to complete my dissertation. This grant alleviates the stress of having to fund objectives out of pocket, especially when this research is working towards helping my institution towards its strategic goals and mission.

Interested in applying for AACRAO's research grant? Applications will open on December 1, 2021. Visit the AACRAO Research Grant page to learn more about eligibility, timeline, and the application process.


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