Nebraska ACRAO gives back to their host communities

June 18, 2018
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Male and female smiling as they shake hands while exchange a document.

The Nebraska Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (NACRAO) adopted the NACRAO Gives initiative in 2011 as a way to contribute to the community in which their annual conference takes place.

“Not only do we support the communities hosting us, and promote education, but we’re also raising awareness of NACRAO and helping people understand who we are,” said NACRAO Past President, Amy Gade, Associate Director of Admissions at Wayne State College. “Our organization is comprised of colleges and universities across the state, and this initiative is at the core of what we do: support schools, support education, and get kids thinking about higher education.”

The annual conference rotates across the state and each year the Local Arrangements Committee selects an educational or youth-oriented organization in the host community. NACRAO collects monetary or physical donations leading up to and through the conference, and the donation is presented to the organization during one of the annual conference general sessions. Examples of projects include collecting school supplies or winter weather gear (hats, mittens, scarves) for local school districts.

The NACRAO organization fronts an initial $100 donation and there is a display at the conference inviting attendees to join in. Attendees can bring physical items to conference or donate money, which the committee members use to go out and buy additional items before the presentation.

“Because we move all across the state for our annual meeting, we’re really able to spread the wealth,” Gade said. “The organizations we’ve partnered with continue to be blown away by and very grateful for the support!



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