COVID-19 Crisis Practicesillustration of crowd of people wearing face masks

The implications of COVID-19 are far reaching. Institutions are moving quickly to establish new practices and policy exceptions around their actions to move courses and services online or to other remote delivery for the foreseeable future.

The voluntary guidance below provides general parameters to follow when implementing practice and policy changes while allowing flexibility and compassion during a time of unprecedented disruption. While short-term solutions may be advisable, it is prudent to also consider long-term implications of any changes, as well as to consult with accrediting bodies and/or state Departments of Education and governing boards.

Student Displacement - Medical Outbreaks on Campus

Case studies on handling campus-based medical outbreaks.

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An excerpt from Student Displacement: A Guide for Higher Education Administrators
COVID-19 Policy Updates

AACRAO efforts to urge Congress and federal agencies to address the costly and complex challenges facing institutions and students

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Institutional support during COVID-19
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Digital Transcripts During COVID-19
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New C&U - Researchers Seek Student Input on Design of Comprehensive Learner Records

Aug 23, 2021

Latest C&U issue covers topics in comprehensive learner records, job satisfaction, international credential evaulation, and more.

3 people working on laptops at a table.

New Issue of C&U Explores Enrollment Management, COVID-19, Research, and more

Jun 1, 2021

The latest issue of C&U explores a variety of topics including Enrollment Management, COVID-19 Impact, Registrar Strategies, and much more.


Survey Opportunity: Post-Pandemic Mobility

Apr 19, 2021

The Centre for International Education and Exchange is asking for survey participants to explore post-pandemic mobility.

Capitol building dome with flag

Catch up on recently-passed legislation that you might have missed

Jan 11, 2021

These important bills will impact higher education this year.

female wearing a face mask while sitting at an office desk holds up a sign that reads "we can do this"

5 tips for leading remotely during crisis

Oct 19, 2020

Leadership during turbulent times is both a test and a lesson.

a person wearing cozy socks and working on a laptop next to a tray of tea

Self-care and boundary-setting in the (home) workplace

Oct 5, 2020

A process you can put in place starting today.

Protective face mask with map of the world on it.

COVID-19 and fall 2020: Impacts on U.S. international higher education

Oct 4, 2020

Preliminary findings of new WES report released.

split screen showing 13 smiling coworkers on a video call

Communication tips for remote work

Sep 21, 2020

Are you doing these three things?

neon green matrix of lines on dark background with highlighted points

Use data science to nudge students at exactly the right time

Sep 20, 2020

2 marketing strategies to increase enrollment.

figure pushes a boulder up a hill

Field Notes: Tips for self- and team-care and purposeful crisis response

Sep 5, 2020

Reflections on adaptability, stress, and lessons learned.

yellow bracelet beads spelling out "perfect storm"

Holistic admissions: A just solution at a pivotal moment

Sep 5, 2020

BLM and a global pandemic accelerate the push to test-optional.

illustrated hand presses a button connected to various symbols and figures by a series of twisting lines

Next Month @AACRAO: Join the list

Aug 24, 2020

Courses, deadlines, and events -- find out what's upcoming in one handy email.

person wearing a virtual reality headset gestures with their hands

Can higher ed stay relevant to 21st century learners?

Aug 10, 2020

Only if we embrace disruption.

person working on a tablet as various translucent graphs and images float above the screen

Strategy in the face of crisis

Aug 9, 2020

Assessment is critical to enrollment management, even during a pandemic.

representation of a virus on a downward sloped graph

What 2020 means for enrollment

Jul 28, 2020

Without a crystal ball, how can enrollment managers make decisions?

illustrated figures making up a map of the continental US

2020 Census & student privacy: What you need to know

Jul 13, 2020

Has your institution done its part to assist the U.S. Census Bureau in the collection and distribution of student information?

people in lecture hall

Managing classroom space this fall

Jul 13, 2020

Start with a "living inventory" and establish clear utilization priorities.

diverse group of cartoon figures hug one another from the side

5 ways to create radical engagement in online meetings

Jun 29, 2020

Learn to love leading in a virtual space.

colorized image of a nebula

Field Notes: Adopting a growth mindset about 2020

Jun 29, 2020

Your self-talk is a conversation with the universe. Make it count.

pencil and journal book with a yellow depiction of the globe encircled by various figures drawn inside the book

Diary of an International Credential Evaluator

Jun 26, 2020

What is the future of study abroad?

calendar of the month of September with a cup of tea and some autumn leaves off to the side

Rethinking the fall academic calendar

Jun 15, 2020

With fall in flux, learn how to handle academic and course calendar changes and communication challenges.

simplified outline of a human head with gears on the inside

Holistic admissions expands options during (and after) COVID

Jun 12, 2020

Noncognitive assessments help diversify enrollment and reduce reliance on standardized test scores.

American flag with the 2020 Census booklet on top

Counting students for the census

Jun 2, 2020

AACRAO spoke with representatives of the U.S. Census Bureau.

solid blue background with a sound frequency graph

Distinguish the signal from the noise with AI

Jun 2, 2020

This free chatbot from AdmitHub may help institutions navigate during COVID 19.

pencil and journal book with a yellow depiction of the globe encircled by various figures drawn inside the book

Diary of an International Credential Evaluator

Jun 1, 2020

Connecting with peers during a pandemic.

solid black background with a glass ball sitting in the middle of an open book

Predicting the future: 4 changes coming to higher education

Jun 1, 2020

“Covid-19 has most certainly been disruptive, but... has it been disruptive enough?” one registrar asks.

pencil and journal book with a yellow depiction of the globe encircled by various figures drawn inside the book

Diary of an International Credential Evaluator

May 18, 2020

Credential fraud explodes as COVID-19 provides opportunity for scammers. (Webinar: Protect your institution.)

young student wearing a backpack walks towards a building

Returning to campus: When, whether, how?

May 18, 2020

4 institutions address decision-making around instructional delivery for fall.

purple illustration of a computer screen showing multiple participants in a video conference call

AACRAO 2020 Business Meeting held virtually

May 4, 2020

Key takeaways that members should know.

diverse group of students holding questions marks

4 creative international enrollment solutions during COVID-19

May 4, 2020

Reconsider deadlines, start dates, instruction delivery and more.

headshot of Jack Miner

Meet new AACRAO President Jack Miner

May 4, 2020

"A challenge we are equal to": COVID, strategic planning, and the search for a new Executive Director.

pencil and journal book with a yellow depiction of the globe encircled by various figures drawn inside the book

Diary of an International Credential Evaluator

May 1, 2020

How the COVID crisis is different than disruptions we've seen before.

lightbulbs with filaments reading "help," "support," "assistance," and "guidance"

4 transcript and enrollment questions raised by the pandemic

May 1, 2020

Guidance and resources from the National Student Clearinghouse.

student in wheelchair with speaking assistive tech

Field Notes: Working with distinct populations during COVID-19

May 1, 2020

Support student athletes, military students, and students with disabilities through application and enrollment.

blue fading to green colored box with the word "search" displayed and the text overlay; "Your Career Starts Here"

7 tips for a higher ed job search during the pandemic

Apr 21, 2020

Is it the right time to look for a job? Learn more.

illustrated laptop with a hand holding a transcript extending from the screen as another hand signs the document

Providing simple, secure, and efficient transcript services during COVID-19

Apr 20, 2020

COVID-19 is accelerating shift to electronic transcripts. Learn more and join this Friday's webinar.

cartoon figure reminiscent of Einstein stands in front of a chalkboard with the board "FERPA" written on it

Ask the FERPA Professor

Apr 19, 2020

Is a recorded Zoom meeting considered a student record?

woman sitting serenely near window while wearing headphones and drinking tea

Preserving mental health in a time of uncertainty

Apr 19, 2020

Handling fear, helplessness, agitation, boredom with music, gratitude, and other proven mood-shifters.

illustrated graduation cap with a doorway in the side and figures waiting in line on red carpet extending from the opening

Guidance for recruiters during COVID-19

Apr 17, 2020

With millions out of work, what can institutions expect, and how can they respond?

solid blue border with various images of AACRAO members and staff in their homes with the text overlay; "AACRAO #IStayHome"

AACRAO staff share stay-at-home survival strategies

Apr 7, 2020

Lessons learned from three weeks of mandatory telework.

two mugs of coffee with coffee beans scattered on a black table with the overlaid text; "AACRAO Coffee Break"

AACRAO Coffee Break: Admissions & Transfer Crisis Practices

Apr 6, 2020

Resources and guidance for strained professionals.

line of people holding hands

AACRAO membership free for 3 months

Apr 6, 2020

Now more than ever, for our students and for ourselves, we must rely on our professional community.

two mugs of coffee with coffee beans scattered on a black table with the overlaid text; "AACRAO Coffee Break"

AACRAO Coffee Break: Academic Policy in Crisis Situations

Mar 30, 2020

AACRAO Coffee Breaks are webinars held weekly, Fridays at 2 PM (ET).

man in business suit at computer with pilsner

8 tips for keeping your team connected from the home office

Mar 23, 2020

Remote work is the new normal, but physical distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation.

illustration of business figure pushing arrow in a u-turn

Pivot!: Registrars’ tight maneuvers in the face of COVID-19

Mar 23, 2020

There will be no 'return to normal' after this. Could that be good for higher ed?

solid green background with a map of Louisiana on the right and the text "AACRAO Gives: Second Harvest Food Bank" visible

Help students and others at risk of food insecurity

Mar 21, 2020

Support our AACRAOGives effort at this critical time.

worried student on steps with head in hands

Protocols during crisis: Can I use an unofficial transcript?

Mar 19, 2020

COVID-19 renews call for AACRAO Pledge for Education, guidance for times of crisis.

man sitting at laptop with child on lap

Field Notes: Telecommuting during a pandemic

Mar 18, 2020

10 tips to staying sane and productive.