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updated: april 1, 2020

Guidance on the Evaluation of Transfer Credit from Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Impacted Terms

Secondary and postsecondary Institutions have implemented, or are in the process of implementing, changes in practices and or policies which have been impacted by COVID-19. Two areas of practice directly impacted are admissions (both new and transfer) and transfer credit evaluation.

While short-term solutions may be advisable, it is prudent to also consider long-term implications of any changes to practice and/or policy. What may help students and applicants today may complicate situations in the future.

The guidance below provides you with some general parameters to follow when implementing changes to grading and transcript practices at your institution. Please refer to any existing accrediting body, state, system or district policy or guidance in addition to the recommendations below before incorporating any changes into your policy or practice. Following these guidelines are a set of key concepts to consider when making these changes, so that your students and faculty are in the best possible situation, today and in the future. Please refer to our Guidance on Grading and Transcript Notations from Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 for details on practice for outbound transfer credit.

Overall guidance

  1. Adapt policies as put forth by accreditation bodies, state agencies, sporting regulators, or other governing agencies as appropriate.
  2. Clearly articulate new policies or requirements on an accessible web page or via email to prospects, faculty and staff
Transfer credit evaluation
  1. Award course equivalency credit for transfer courses with any P or S, or other equivalent non-qualitative, binary marks earned for terms impacted AS IF the student has earned the minimum standard grade required for transfer under current policy (i.e., assumed to be a C/C- or better for undergraduates and a B/B- or better for graduate are considered the threshold for awarding transfer credit).
  2. Allow any P or S, or other equivalent non-qualitative, binary marks earned during this time to meet degree requirements. For example,
    • Use of the course to satisfy prerequisites and corequisites for other courses
    • Courses required for admission to a selective major
    • Upper division requirements
    • General education requirements
    • Courses in the major
Key Questions to Consider:
  1. Some institutions report that they are allowing either the student or the faculty member to decide whether a grade earned for a course is converted to the P/F or S/U, or other non-qualitative, binary marks or not. How will your institution treat a term impacted by COVID-19 where incoming transfer students have both standard letter grades and P/F or S/U or other non-qualitative, binary marks?