AACRAO Coffee Break: Admissions & Transfer Crisis Practices

April 6, 2020
  • Admissions and Recruitment
  • Transfer and Articulation
  • covid-19
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Novel coronavirus. Sheltering-in-place. “Flattening the curve.”  Tremendous changes have been visited upon higher education in the blink of an eye. Even in the face of uncertainty and upheaval, many AACRAO professionals are discovering an opportunity to recommit to the mission of serving students.  But how and when do we alter our practice to accommodate this new normal? How can our policies and values guide us to meet this new challenge? What are others doing?  

Preserving institutional integrity & promoting student success

In this unprecedented situation, AACRAO is developing guidance using established standards and best practices re-envisioned through the pandemic lens, as well as consulting with subject matter experts from our membership and Board of Directors. 

Though higher education administration tends to move at a more deliberate, circumspect, and “institutional” pace (often with good reason), this guidance is evolving in a more ad hoc way to meet the immediate professional needs of our members. The goal is to develop practice recommendations that are thorough and thoughtful—and adequately responsive to this rapidly-developing situation.

Toward that end, AACRAO’s April 3 webinar Coffee Break addressed Admissions & Transfer Crisis Practices. (Stream it here.) 

Admissions & transfer guidance 

In that webinar, practitioners from the University of Florida, the University of Baltimore, and the Borough of Manhattan Community College, along with AACRAO staff, discussed current admissions and transfer issues and offered institutional perspectives. Additionally, they shared a wealth of relevant resources, including:

Find profession-specific resources on the COVID-19 Crisis Practice Guidance page.

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