New C&U - Researchers Seek Student Input on Design of Comprehensive Learner Records

August 23, 2021
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While comprehensive learner records are relatively new, some institutions are testing new forms of record design and documentation. Elon University researchers Caroline Dean Glover, Alexander Taylor, Rodney Parks, Amber Lin, and Bailee Castillo sought student creative design feedback to develop the Elon Experiences Transcript (EET), a CLR intended to capture undergraduate students co-curricular activities that are integral to Elon’s mission of experiential learning.

"Input from students is crucial to the development and utility of CLRs "

The researchers wrote in the latest College & University. 

Elon’s study conducted three design thinking workshops eliciting students’ perspectives on designing a CLR. Each workshop included ten to thirteen student participants representing various majors. The four most frequently referenced experiences that students reported wanting to see reflected on the CLR were: class projects; internships; global education; and technical skills and certifications. 

Students also critiqued the visual and design aspects of three other institutions’ CLRs. In addition, they provided feedback on the use of text and graphics, emphasizing the importance of choosing a visual layout and design that is easy to interpret and aesthetically appealing to the eye.

"[T]his study fostered student creativity and provided a team-oriented workspace that prompted excellent feedback from the student participants,” the researchers wrote. “These workshops provided us with valuable lessons to consider for future CLR development."

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