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April 6, 2020
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The COVID‐19 pandemic is changing how you live‚ work, and serve your institution. Now more than ever, for our students and for ourselves, we must rely on our community of peers to best navigate such unprecedented challenges. 

With the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, we are offering three months of free membership, meaning membership through April, May, and June, for anyone who is not already a member at your institution. We hope that by sharing our resources, we can help your institution navigate these tough times. 

Member resources include the following:

Stay informed with AACRAO member benefits.

  • Transcript: Provides weekly court, industry, and international news as well as updates on the latest developments in federal relations and compliance. Transcript also serves as the archive for AACRAO’s public policy activities and priorities.  
  • Connect: Bi-weekly professional development newsletter covering professional best practices, actionable tips, and expert guidance, and sharing association news to keep members informed.
  • Federal Relations: Engages public policy issues affecting AACRAO members, the students they serve, and higher education as a whole and informs AACRAO members about emerging federal regulations and policy initiatives, development, interpretation, and implementation.
  • PublicationsPublishes how-to guides, handbooks, and case studies written by members for members. (Members save 30 percent.)
  • ResearchConducts surveys in order to identify new insights and information to help AACRAO members lead their institutions successfully in a continually evolving environment (survey results are published and are also posted online).
  • Daily Updates: Informs members about a wide array of relevant issues by posting comprehensive and up-to-date information and articles to the AACRAO website on a daily basis.  

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Learn & grow with professional development offerings.

  • Webinars: Offers free and convenient professional development on a wealth of topics in support of members’ ongoing training.  
  • Online Courses: Offers four-week interactive training courses in a typical class format taught by experienced professionals and culminating in a professional development certificate.
  • SEM Endorsement Program: Sponsors a self-paced career advancement track (designed to be completed in one year) that includes online courses, webinars, a research report, and field visits to approved institutions, all under the guidance of expert faculty.

Serve your colleagues and your profession in various capacities.

  • Committees: Increases members’ participation by facilitating their involvement in more than 30 committees and related activities that guide AACRAO's programs.
  • Listserves: Facilitates communication among numerous subgroups, including caucuses, two-year schools, registrars, and admissions professionals.
  • Volunteer: Engages members as facilitators, authors, meeting sponsors, and committee members. Your level of involvement in AACRAO is entirely up to you!

Interested in three months free? Please complete and submit the additional membership application to membership@aacrao.org.

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