Professional Benefits & Eligibility

Professional Benefits

The SEM-EP offers SEM practitioners an official AACRAO platform with which to be professionally acknowledged on a national level. Graduates are listed and recognized on the National SEM-EP Registry page.

SEM-EP champions a clear industry pathway to prepare an emerging career force for entry into the field of Strategic Enrollment Management and offers an accepted structure that underscores a set of uniform activities guided by association best practices and resources.

Program Eligibility

SEM-EP participants should submit a one-page vita or resume reflecting career experience, professional accomplishments and education, including:

  • Five years' experience in the field of SEM (Registrar, Admissions, Recruitment, Financial Aid, Student Marketing or related fields as determined by the SEM-EP program committee)
  • A minimum of an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.
  • Employment (full or part time) by an accredited post-secondary institution and working as an in-service practitioner in the field of SEM/ES as defined by the SEM-EP.

Note to candidates who have completed Essentials of SEM course: Individuals who can demonstrate successful completion of the Essentials of SEM Course no more than 3 years prior to application may petition to exempt this segment of the SEM-EP curriculum. The program fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Progression and Renewal Policy

The SEM-EP is a self-paced program designed to be completed in 12 to 18 months. Students who exceed 24 months from the date of acceptance are subject to a renewal fee of $500 on the 25th month to continue the program. Extensions are valid in 6 month intervals to keep enrollment active. Inactivity of 6 months or more without notice to faculty will result in inactive status and the inability to continue.

The SEM-EP Faculty may ask for a letter of recommendation from a supervisor in some cases, but this is not a required application item.