SEM Endorsement Program


AACRAO’s Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Endorsement Program (SEM-EP) is a self-paced, 12-18 month professional development program. The endorsement is a unique credential in the field and provides assurance of a strong foundation and understanding of enrollment management practices in a higher education setting. This endorsement is an international acknowledgement of enrollment management professionalism.

The program is available to all qualified in-service practitioners who are employed by post-secondary institutions nationally or internationally, whether two-year, four-year, public, private or professional. The program permits participation from almost any geographic location and supplements state and regional efforts to enhance networking, leadership, and readiness opportunities.


The SEM Endorsement offers a formal recognition of an enrollment management skill set, positions you as a leader in the field, validates on-the-job experience, and facilitates career advancement.

For the individual, completion of the program is a valuable addition to a resume and a formal recognition by AACRAO regarding professional readiness to meet current and future challenges in the field. For the institution, the program offers a way to evaluate the preparedness of prospective employees for SEM positions.


“This is a great program! I have benefited greatly from this professional development experience. The faculty work so diligently to share their knowledge and experiences with those of us growing in the profession.” 

-2019 Graduate

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