SEM-EP Scholarship


AACRAO is committed to ensuring that the SEM Endorsement is accessible to its members. In 2019, the SEM Endorsement Program launched partial scholarships to defray the cost of tuition for the program, especially for learners whose college or university does not have the financial means to pay for this professional development.

Scholarship Amount

Five $500 partial scholarships will be available annually (January through December) for SEM-EP and will be awarded once per quarter.


  • Must be an AACRAO Member
  • Must meet the admission requirements for SEM-EP
  • Must enroll in SEM-EP within 30 days of receiving notification of the scholarship offer

Application Process

To apply for a scholarship, a learner must complete the online application form and submit the following:

  • a copy of your results from the online Enrollment Management Core Proficiencies Self-Assessment,
  • a one-page essay (double spaced) that provides a reflection about the self-assessment and why the SEM Endorsement Program is an opportunity for enhancing your professional development,
  • a one-page letter of support from your immediate supervisor or a professional mentor, and 
  • a current resume/vita

Selection Process

The Director and Assistant Director, along with one appointed SEM-EP graduate (one per year), will review the applications every March 30, June 30, September 30, and December 20. The SEM-EP Director will appoint the SEM-EP graduate to serve on the selection committee.

Awarding Criteria

The selection committee will review applications for: strength of essay strength of letter of support diversity as defined by geographic region, institutional size and type, gender, race, ethnicity, and demonstrated leadership characteristics of applicant.

Application Deadlines

March 20
June 20
September 20
December 10

Applications received after one of these dates will be considered in the next award period.

Scholarship Questions?
Contact Dr. Christopher Tremblay, SEM-EP Director

Learners WHO HAVE APPLIED OR already enrolled in the SEM Endorsement Program are not eligible for scholarship consideration.