SEM-EP National Registry


The professionals listed in this registry have earned AACRAO's endorsement as Registered Enrollment Professionals through satisfactory completion of the Strategic Enrollment Management Endorsement Program.

They have earned the SEM Endorsement Badge

The registry is sorted by last name in alphabetical order. For each registered professional listed, you will find the candidate's area of expertise, samples of their significant coursework, and their LinkedIn profiles, if they have opted to share them.


Aaron Sanns

Institutional Planning Managing Director at Brigham Young University-Idaho


2018 SEM-EP Graduate

Aaron Sanns began working in higher education in 2000. He is currently the Managing Director of Institutional Planning at BYU-Idaho. His responsibilities include Strategic Enrollment Management, Space Management and Planning, and Data Analysis Services. Previously, Sanns worked as Director of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships and Associate Director of Admissions. Areas of expertise include leadership, change management, organizational effectiveness, team building, and problem solving. 

Capstone Project - “Shifting Institutional Scholarship Budget from an Emphasis on Grades to an Emphasis on Financial Need" was a longitudinal study utilizing balanced panel data over a several year period. He looked for potential enrollment effects from changing scholarship policy to affect retention among students with financial need at BYU-Idaho.

Andrea J Lehmacher

Managing Director of Marketing Strategy at Elgin Community College


2016 SEM-EP Graduate

Over 20 years in higher education with experience in public two-year and private four-year institutions. Diverse leadership experience in admissions, leading all aspects of the marketing function, establishing marketing and digital strategies, brand development and management, institutional website redesign, assessment, and creating high performing teams. Expertise in Admissions and Enrollment Management, Marketing Strategy, Leadership, Holistic and Systemic Thinking, Collaborative Decision Making, Team Building and Development

Capstone Project - "Elgin Community College Career and Technical Education Mini Enrollment Campaign Fall 2016" was a pilot opportunity to create a targeted and intentional marketing campaign using Perkins grant funding to impact fall 2016 enrollment in career and technical education programs. A total of six newly enrolled students can be directly connected to campaign analytics; however, there was also a 26% increase in new applications and a 13% increase in new student CTE enrollment for fall 2016.

Angela M. Hamilton

Director of Enrollment Services and Registrar at Community College of Beaver County


2019 SEM-EP Graduate

Angela M. Hamilton has 12 Years of Higher Education Experience in Admissions, Registrar, and Enrollment Management functions at a Community College exceeding 4,000 annual enrollments, offering 60 Associate’s Degrees. She has expertise in Records, Registration, Process Improvements and Leadership. Ms. Hamilton holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Pittsburgh, Bachelor’s Degree from Robert Morris University, and Associate’s Degree from the Community College of Beaver County.

Capstone Project - "2019-2024 Strategic Enrollment Management Plan"

Arturo Montiel

Campus Administrator at South Texas College-Starr County Campus


2015 SEM-EP Inaugural Graduate

Experience in higher education as faculty and program chairperson with duties including curriculum and program development for student success. Currently serving as campus administrator with duties including program development, community partnerships, facility management, and enrollment management.

Capstone Project - "A Campus Role for Retention" examined the current trends related to retention on community college campuses, with a specific focus on first-generation students in the south Texas region.

Brad Personal Photo

Brad William Hales

Data Management and Planning Officer, BYU Pathway, Worldwide


2019 SEM-EP Graduate

Brad Hales has worked with enrollment management for the last seven years. He has worked with BYU-Idaho and BYU-Pathway Worldwide in their Strategic Enrollment and Data Management areas. Brad really enjoys thinking about innovation and strategy in educational settings. He believes that through social entrepreneurship much can be done in the higher education setting to help others succeed in life.

Capstone Project - The Strategic Enrollment Management literature review comprised of looking at retention, advising online students, and the effects of the “Great Recession” on college enrollments. All of this research focused on how to help students obtain a college education while dealing with the challenges of life.