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Columbus, Ohio beckons visitors with a distinctive tapestry of experiences, featuring myriad natural parks along the Scioto River, a dynamic cultural scene, and a variety of shopping experiences featuring both major fashion brands and curated boutiques. Columbus provides easy exploration of its diverse landscape, from the Scioto Mile to the historic German Village area. Uncover the possibilities by visiting the links below and craft your itinerary before you arrive.

Land Acknowledgement

AACRAO recognizes Central Ohio as the ancestral land of the Shawnee, Miami, Wyandotte, and various other Indigenous Nations. The name 'Ohio' is derived from the Iroquois “ohi:yo" – the great river. Millennia ago, Indigenous communities transformed this region into a hub of trade, culture, and groundbreaking advancements in fields such as astronomy, geography, mathematics, and engineering, drawing visitors from across North America. The enduring presence of large-scale geometric, boundary, and effigy earthworks in the area stands as a testament to its historical significance. Today, Columbus and Central Ohio are home to individuals representing a diverse array of Indigenous backgrounds, and the region remains a vital space for Indigenous exchange, innovation, artistic expression, and the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

AACRAO acknowledges that this gesture represents just a beginning in accepting the duties and commitments that come with being settlers on this land. This endeavor involves conducting research, engaging in thoughtful reflection, and building reciprocal relationships with Indigenous peoples.

We invite you to explore the relationships between tribes and the lands we inhabit, understand the history of land dispossession and the displacement of Indigenous peoples, and seek opportunities to collaborate with tribal partners in ways that surpass mere acknowledgments of the land.