Speakers Bureau - Effective Communication

John F. Wilson and Carroll C. Arnold wrote in Public Speaking as a Liberal Art (1974), “Being able to interact purposively with other people…is a significant part of being personally and socially effective” (p. 7). Although Wilson and Arnold made this observation fifty years ago, it is still relevant today. Communication is at the heart of every interaction in higher education, influencing how others perceive and understand us. From our body language and the way we dress to the words we choose and the effort we put into establishing rapport with others, we communicate something important about our attitudes, beliefs, and values. As the old saying goes, you cannot not communicate.

The challenges and opportunities in higher education today are fundamentally communication issues. As we face a demographic cliff, enrollment management offices and marketing departments craft compelling messages to attract potential students. Admissions personnel convey decisions clearly and promptly to applicants. In an environment of increasing scrutiny, registrars communicate policies and practices clearly to ensure compliance. Shared governance thrives in an environment of robust discussion and debate. In short, leadership at all levels of higher education is rooted in effective communication. To excel in your role, you must learn to become an effective communicator.

Speaking topics and expected outcomes leverage the AACRAO communication core competencies and may include:

  • Delivering effective presentations with less fear

  • Constructing messages that connect with diverse audiences across various media

  • Enhancing the power of a message non-verbally

  • Analyzing your audiences

  • Establishing rapport with audiences of varying sizes

  • Responsibly and ethically using communication to influence others

  • Developing critical listening skills

  • Creating and communicating a vision

  • Building strong teams

  • Facilitating strategic planning

  • Communicating in a crisis

  • Managing conflict in the workplace

  • Developing executive presence to advance your career

Communication topics are appropriate for keynote and workshop formats and can be tailored to the needs of the organization/institution.

Available Speakers

Dr. Alfred Mueller, Dean of Arts and Sciences at Neumann University

Speaker Availability:

  • 1-2 Hour Keynote Speaker or Closing Speaker
  • Half-day Presentation or Facilitation