Speakers Bureau -  Leveraging Data for Decision-Making and Planning

Effectively leveraging data to inform the decision-making process about allocation of resources and development of programs, as well as to tell the story of the institution to internal and external stakeholders has become increasingly important. Creating a shared understanding of data and a reliance on that data is key to the health of forward-thinking institutions. 

Topics for AACRAO speakers include:

  • Generating reports for internal and external audiences

  • Reporting on KPIs

  • Leveraging data for Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) planning

  • Benchmarking data with peer and aspirational peer institutions

  • Strategic vs operational reporting

  • Utilizing data for your budget request

  • Creating a data culture

  • Data governance structure and strategy

  • Telling your institutional story with data

Topics are appropriate for keynote and workshop formats and can be tailored to the needs of the organization/institution.

Available Speakers

Kevin Windholz, Vice President for Enrollment Management

Speaker Availability:

  • Half-day Presentation or Facilitation
  • Full-day Presentation or Facilitation

PJ Woolston , Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

Speaker Availability:

  • 1-2 Hour Keynote Speaker or Closing Speaker
  • Half-day Presentation or Facilitation