Speakers Bureau - Change Management

According to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, the only constant is change.  While institutions and their leaders have been faced with change for years, the speed and intensity of the change has accelerated. The impacts of emerging technologies when combined with legislative mandates, enrollment challenges, social activism, and maintaining fiscal health require a specific set of skills and strategies to manage the change on campuses. 

Speakers bring expertise in leading and managing change that includes:

  • Understanding and leveraging change management theory

  • Engaging campus stakeholders

  • Creating an environment for successful change on campus

  • Helping individuals manage the transition to the change

  • Integrating a change management plan into initiative implementation

Building upon the research and practice from noted change authors such as Kotter, Rogers, Bridges, and Feiler and applying their theories and techniques to higher education, speakers empower attendees for successful change.

Available Speakers

Dr. Tammy Aagard , Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at the University of Florida University (MSU)

Speaker Availability:

  • 1-2 Hour Keynote Speaker or Closing Speaker
  • Half-day Presentation or Facilitation
  • Full-day Facilitation or Presentation

Kevin Windholz, Vice President for Enrollment Management

Speaker Availability:

  • Half-day Presentation or Facilitation
  • Full-day Presentation or Facilitation