Speakers Bureau - Communications and Marketing

Competition for students is fierce. This competitive environment makes it even more challenging to find and attract the right students to match your educational programs, meet enrollment targets and foster student success. Your recruitment and marketing strategies must clearly communicate your institution’s unique, competitive and attractive value proposition for prospective students. 

Our expert speakers will identify opportunities and strategies for reaching and attracting the right students, more efficiently. They will discuss whether you’re communicating the right message to the right audience through the right channels. We’ll also help you examine the way you deploy staff as well as existing technology investments, and offer recommendations to optimize those resources to reach and exceed your new student enrollment goals.

At the conclusion of your Recruitment Workshop, you’ll be prepared to expand your recruitment and marketing processes including the following:

  • Identifying enrollment targets and goals

  • Implementing cohesive, well mapped-out recruitment and communication plans

  • Establishing and making the most of your recruitment and marketing budget

  • Ensuring all marketing messages are coordinated and on target

  • Improving the quality and effectiveness of your website and marketing materials

  • Maximizing your existing staff resources

  • Training staff to maximize recruitment tools and technology

  • Capturing every opportunity to reach and attract quality students

Your Recruitment and Marketing workshop can be applied to undergraduate, graduate, professional or international recruitment efforts.

Available Speakers


Dr. Alicia Moore, Vice President for Student Affairs

Speaker Availability:

  • Half-day Presentation or Facilitation
  • Full-day Presentation or Facilitation