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AACRAO's bi-weekly professional development e-newsletter Connect offers timely information, actionable tips, and expert guidance relevant to your career; stories about interesting colleagues doing inspiring things; and news about association services, activities and resources.

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AACRAO Annual Meeting - First Time Attendees

Apr 15, 2024

AACRAO's work in meeting member needs and ensuring that young professionals have access to the resources they expect.

SEM Implementation, Development, and Tracking Processes

Apr 15, 2024

A look at the work the College of Southern Idaho has accomplished as they pursue their five year SEM plan.

Credit for Prior Learning and Assessment

Apr 15, 2024

The importance of credit for prior learning (CPL) and key practices and opportunities for institutions.

Academic Operations - Accreditation

Apr 15, 2024

Perspectives from a chapter author of AACRAO's newest publication: Academic Operations and the Role of the Registrar.

LIVE from AACRAO 2024: FERPA the Basics

Apr 9, 2024

FERPA: The Basics a fresh perspective from a first time attendee.

LIVE from AACRAO 2024: We Survived a Cyberattack!

Apr 9, 2024

A look at how two schools responded and learned from major cyberattacks on their institutions.

LIVE from AACRAO 2024: Supporting International Students' Decision-Making Through Pre-Admission Advising

Apr 9, 2024

Providing the right information to incoming international students to promote student success.

LIVE from AACRAO 2024: Beyond the Classroom: How AI is Revolutionizing Administrative Services

Apr 9, 2024

An optimistic and informative look at how non-technical users can leverage a.i. to accomplish complex tasks and streamline their processes.

LIVE from AACRAO 2024: Defrauding the Fraudsters

Apr 9, 2024

A look at fraudulent admission applications, how to spot them, and the tools being used to combat this tactic.

LIVE from AACRAO 2024: Implementing Success

Apr 9, 2024

Interdepartmental collaboration and cooperation to promote student success.

Illustration of a virtual graduate.

Transfer and Degree Achievement Solutions to Support Success

Apr 1, 2024

Join CollegeSource at the AACRAO Annual Meeting to learn more about the degree audit, academic planning, and transfer evaluation tools depended on by more than 2,000 institutions and millions of individuals worldwide.

Individual drinking from a ceramic mug while writing in a notebook or journal.

The Value of a Journal

Apr 1, 2024

Understanding the value of experience, expertise, coaching, and mentoring as you progress in your career.

Photograph of a group of individuals holding their hands over each other.

Shaping & Building AACRAO's Annual Meeting

Apr 1, 2024

AACRAO's Program Committee guides and shapes the Annual Meeting each year, learn more about the work they do and how you can get involved.

Photograph of an individual holding a pencil above a blank page.

Academic Operations - New Release and Retrospective

Apr 1, 2024

An insider look at the research and work that went into AACRAO's latest publication release - Academic Operations and the Role of the Registrar.

Illustration of the mentor dynamic.

AACRAO Peer Mentorship – Coast to Coast, Shoulder to Shoulder

Apr 1, 2024

AACRAO's Peer Mentorship program is up and running, learn more about what it is, how it works, and where the program is going.

Two professionals working at a desk.

Coaching and Your Path to Senior Enrollment Management

Apr 1, 2024

See how AACRAO's ASCEND program coaches make an outsized impact on their charges and the importance of these types of professional relationships.

Photograph of Stuttgart

A Transformative Cross-Cultural Experience: Apply for the 2024 Baden-Württemberg Seminar

Apr 1, 2024

Take the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with the German education system.

Photograph of a street full of zombies.

#AACRAO2024 Session Highlight: Are Classes Cancelled During the Zombie Apocalypse?

Mar 19, 2024

Explore varied approaches to emergency preparedness in the registrar's office.

Illustration of a globe atop a keyboard.

Aligning Priorities: Global Convention Session on the Recognition of Qualifications

Mar 18, 2024

Developing implementation guidelines, standards for quality assurance, and principles for recognizing refugee qualifications.

Hand holding a magnifying glass bringing an image into focus.

Letting our Perspectives & Selves into our Work

Mar 18, 2024

Tips on approaching challenges from new perspectives and how to tap into your authentic self in your work.